Saturday, September 24, 2011

A reminder of how great Cy Young was

The 100th anniversary of Cy Young's last win (he hasn't won a game in a 100 years? What a slacker.) was this past week. When you look at Cy Young's numbers, you realize just how special he was. One thing I find interesting, and this probably has to do with how many pitches he had to throw, was that he was not a strikeout pitcher (only 3.84 strikeouts per 9 innings). He very much pitched to contact, walking just 1 per 9 innings in his career. His career ERA was 2.36, and his FIP (fielder independent ERA) was just 2.57. His career WHIP was a very nice 1.130. Then there is the sheer fact that this guy pitched for 22 seasons! 5 of those years he threw over 400 innings (no one really throws 250 any more), and 16 years he threw at least 300 innings.

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