Monday, September 12, 2011

Is Mark Reynolds worth it?

Mark Reynolds is an interesting player that causes a mini-debate in baseball. He is someone who strikes out a lot (in fact, his last 3 seasons have been record breaking) but every once in a while gets into a ball and sends it a long way. The debate is whether all the strikeouts are worth the extra-base hits. He was originally drafted by the Diamondbacks (who were terrible last year with Reynolds, not a good sign), but moved onto the Baltimore Orioles in the off-season. His stats this year (at this point) look exactly like this: .220 BA, .322 OBP, .793 OPS, 32 bombs, 76 Rbis, 2 RAR, and a .2 WAR (a 2.7 offensive WAR is almost all canceled out by his horrific -2.5 WAR, and with Vlady on the team, they cannot DH him). Because of his big salary upgrade this season, his WASP is a miserable 25,000 (You want low numbers, and even the aging Hideki Matsui has a WASP of 6071). For what its worth, if Reynolds was an average defender, his WASP would be a 1851, a pretty solid number. So Reynolds isn't really worth it, but its not because of his offense, its because of his miserable defense.

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