Friday, September 9, 2011

The Brad Ziegler-Brandon Allen Trade

After the trade deadline, on this blog I graded some of the key trades at the deadline. This one between the Diamondbacks and Athletics I found interesting, because I like the reliever Brad Ziegler, and thought it was a good get for the D'Backs, but felt like that letting go of 1st Baseman Brandon Allen might hurt them, especially in the long run. Well we have some results a month after, and it seems like my suspicions were actually not only fulfilled, but exceeded. Since joining the Diamondbacks, Ziegler has a WAR of .1 (even though he has an ERA of less than 2, it is really hard for a reliever to rack up a big WAR in so few appearances, so please do not get the impression that I am saying Ziegler is bad, or even that the trade is necessarily bad). His salary this year is 1,250,000 but since he is only playing for the Diamondbacks for the last 2 months of the regular season, we will shrink it to 412,500. For the WASP (WAR and Salary Per, see my previous post) we would shrink it to 412.5 and divide it by .1 to get a 4125 WASP as a Diamondback. Brandon Allen is making 400,000 a year, so about 120,000 for his two months as an Athletic. With a WAR of .3 since the trade (higher than Ziegler's WAR since the trade), his WASP is 400 which is stunning (around the same as Ellsbury's WASP for the season). This is all subject to change though, and we will see how it goes.

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