Tuesday, September 13, 2011

That disastrous Scott Kazmir trade is still funny

When teams are in pennant races, like both the Angels and Rays currently are, its important to look at previous roster moves to see how they got to this point. In the heat of a pennant in the 09 season, the Angels bizarrely traded for Rays starter Scott Kazmir, who had a 5.92 ERA and -.7 WAR. They gave up 3 minor league players, Sean Rodriquez, Matt Sweeney, and Alexander Torres. Scott Kazmir is no longer affiliated with any organization. In his Angels career, he posted a .3 WAR (he actually posted a 1.6 WAR in the 09 season) and an ERA well over 5. He has taken in about 18 million dollars from the club (!), giving him a horrific WASP (Wins after Replacement and Salary Per) of 60,000. Sean Rodriquez (who was originally the "player to be named" in the trade), has already given Tampa a 3.1 WAR and has made less than a million dollars over his time as a Ray, giving him a very good (remember, you want low numbers) WASP of 268.7. The other two players haven't even made it to the majors yet and it's already a great trade for Tampa. Torres has posted a 9-7 record with a 3.08 ERA, and 1.483 WHIP this year in AAA, and he strikes out nearly 10 batters every 9 innings. Sweeney has really struggled at hitting in AAA and seems much farther off. There are rumors that Tampa GM Andrew Friedman could become the Cubs GM, imagine what he could do with a club that has money.

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