Monday, September 12, 2011

Just in case you didn't notice, Doug Fister is awesome.

Don't let the record fool you (8-13 on they year, 17-31 for his career, most of that with the Mariners), Doug Fister is one of the top pitchers in the league. The Tigers brought him over in a trade at the deadline, and gave the Mariners 3 major league ready prospects. Why the Mariners even wanted to part with this guy amazes me, Fister has an ERA of 3.06 (2.28 with the Tigers) this season, and is a grand total of 27 years old. He has less hits than innings pitch and a WHIP (Walks and hits per innings pitched) of 1.125, which is quite stunning. His RAR (Runs above Replacement player) is 45 (last year's AL Cy Young Winner Felix Hernandez has a 47 this season, barely better than Fister) and his WAR (wins above replacement player) is 4.6 (C.J. Wilson, who is set to make tons of money in free agency after this year, has a 4.3). Best of all, he makes just (we all wish we could make "just" this much, but this is MLB relative) $436,500 this season (he is arbitration eligible after this year and will make more next year, but not "big money"). This makes his WASP (a statistic that tries to measure how much value a team gets from a player by dividing his salary by WAR, check out previous blog posts for more details) a microscopic 101 (better than other studs making around league minimum like Elvis Andrus and Matt Latos, but not quite as good as Mike Stanton of the Marlins).

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