Thursday, September 15, 2011

Logan Morrison has a grievence to file

On the same day as he launched a homer against the Phillies, Logan Morrison filed a grievance on his own team (the Florida Marlins) for sending him down to AAA for 10 days last month. That solo shot gave him his 68th RBI of the year, and his 19th homer, he has a mediocre OBP of .333 and .796 OPS. But the problem hasn't be on offense, as he has a 1.7 Wins after Replacement on offense. His defense has been terrible though, as he has made 5 errors and only 6 assists, giving him a -1.6 WAR on defense. This isn't the American League where you can hide a bad fielder in the DH role, he has to go out and field (and I doubt the Marlins want to use him as just a pinch hitter). I like "LoMo" and think that the Marlins have mined prospects to make another great run in years to come, but I am not totally sold that he has a case here.

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