Monday, September 19, 2011

Aramis Ramirez

The Cubs did a really curious thing this season. Despite being stuck in a terrible season with a large payroll, they didn't really part with any of their high paid players at the trade deadline (besides Fukudome). Among those kept was Aramis Ramirez, who is scheduled to be a free agent this year (if the Cubs decide not to exercise the option on his contract). There are now reports that the Florida Marlins will pursue him this off-season (as they plan to turn into a big market team with a new stadium). Ramirez is currently overpaid at 14.6 million with a WAR of 3.7 (giving him a WASP of 3946), but my guess would be that he will still get at least this much in free agency. He has proved to be an absolute liability on defense with a -5.9 D-WAR career-wise. He has also been inconsistent on offense, despite a good year this year, as 09-10 (both injury plagued) were not very impressive. I would stay far far away from this guy if I were the Marlins or any other National League team with limited payroll, he is clearly diminishing in skills, and seems best suited as a DH.

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