Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How we did: Week 1 NFL Picks

As I said last week, Big D and I will be picking select games every week for the NFL. This is just a follow up post showing how we did. Italics are my picks, bold are his (we agreed on all of them this week). When I miss a game, I'll make excuses:

Patriots over Dolphins
Eagles defeated Rams
Redskins beat Giants 
Excuse: I really don't like either teams chances this year, as the Redskins are the Redskins, and the Giants cut loose a bunch of key veterans. So for me, this was a "pick 'em" game that could have gone either way. That offensive line looks terrible for the Giants and the Redskins receivers really saved Grossman with some great catches.
Jets knock off Cowboys
Ravens pummel Steelers
Raiders played less bad than the Broncos
Excuse: This game was pretty ugly. The Broncos kept falling down and losing grip of the football, this was another one of those "pick 'em" games where neither team is very good. I just thought the Broncos would play a little less terrible.

Big D's season record: 4-2 
My season record: 4-2

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