Saturday, September 10, 2011

Aaron Rowand and Miguel Tejada

On the last day of August, the struggling San Francisco Giants designated veterans Aaron Rowand and Miguel Tejada for assignment. They were not claimed, and were finally granted outright release a little over a week later. Both had On Base Percentages of about .270, which is awful, with just 8 combined home runs. Aaron Rowand had a WAR of .8 with a salary of 12 million, giving him a WASP (read a couple of posts back for information on WASP) of 15000 (which is the same as Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter). He was getting $155,000 per hit (which would be the same value as Mike Stanton getting just 3 hits). Miguel Tejada was making $6,500,000 with a WAR of .9, equaling a WASP of about 7222 (better than both Jeter and Rowand). Just to compare with other shortstops, Elvis Andrus has an eyepopping 146, Clint Barmes has a 1306, Troy Tulowitzsky a 948, Omar Vizquel 4725, and Cliff Pennington a 323. At the money Tejada and Rowand were making, they were performing at an inexcusable level.

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