Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In honor of "Moneyball": Mark Ellis and Jemile Weeks.

It has been a frustrating season for the Oakland A's. It is not a good sign when the highlight of your season is when Brad Pitt is cast as your GM. In honor of Moneyball (which is getting mostly good reviews, I will probably be posting mine on Saturday), we should probably look at a very "moneyball" move the A's made this year that is already paying off. Mark Ellis had been a very solid 2nd baseman for the Athletics for several years, but once it became apparent the A's wouldn't be competing for the playoffs they traded him off for a couple of prospects from the Rockies. They didn't just trade him to trade him though, they had someone waiting in the wings. Enter Jemile Weeks, the little brother of stud 2nd baseman Rickie Weeks of Milwaukee. Jemile, unlike his brother, doesn't hit for any power (still no big league homers), but is still a very solid hitter (.298/.336/ .740 OPS). His defense still needs some work (already 12 errors and -.9 D-WAR), but he is only 24. Since he just made his debut this season, his salary hasn't been released, but its probably around $400,000. His total WAR this year has been .9 (remember, he came up in June, imagine if he becomes a better fielder and is allowed to play a full year), giving him a WASP of around 444, which is great value. Mark Ellis, on the other hand, is making 6 million this season (and will be a free agent at the end of the year). He has registered just a .7 WAR since joining the Rockies (and since he has played half the year there), giving him a WASP of 4286 (well above the Halladay Standard). If Weeks turns out to be the 2nd baseman the A's were looking for, then it's safe to say that Billy Beane still has it.

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