Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wichita Falls High School Scouting Reports

Here are my scouting reports on Wichita Falls:

Kade Hutchins was the starting pitcher, and the short right-hander comes over the top. He threw some solid high fastballs at 78-79 MPH, with an okay breaking ball that had decent vertical tilt but was sort of soft. It acted like a big curve sometimes, getting down to 62-65 MPH and up to 70 MPH. He also had something that broke armside, either a change or 2-seamer that he could occasionally get to fade.

Pete Thomas played shortstop, and showed off not only a strong arm, but range and athleticism as well. He hit a towering fly-ball as well, so maybe there is some power there. He also pitched, even though he is really too short for the mound. His fastball had some gloveside movement and he could sink it. However, his delivery was complicated and he couldn't throw strikes.

Pryor Johnson is a small guy who played 2nd base with good range and plus speed. However, his arm wasn't very good. Zack Murphy is a DH with decent size. He ran 4.4 to first from the right side with sloppy running form. Bucky Daws is slow, and a pretty big 1st baseman (listed at 6-5). He showed some pull power with the platoon advantage. Tyler Blair hit a popup that stayed up in the air for 5.69 seconds.

Koy Daws is just a sophomore, but showed some impressive tools as the starting catcher. has a sitting down style catching, but he isn't even that big. It helped him block balls in the dirt. He was a quiet receiver and framer, and seemed to have a quick release when he threw the ball. With the bat, he pulled a ball that nearly hit the wall at 5.75 seconds, and then hit another breaking ball up the middle.

Garron Bates is a junior corner outfielder that showed some impressive raw pop (but didn't hit for any raw power last year), hitting a foul infield popup that stayed in the air for a tick over 7 seconds. He then pulled the pitch to the the wall. He is not overly athletic or fast though.

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