Friday, March 22, 2013

Times to First: Part 20

The first update since December (it is kind of hard to get times when no baseball is going on). Links mean that I got the time from somewhere else, and you can follow the link to see the tweet.

1. Chad Oberacker (Athletics A +): 11.42 (on a triple)

2. Tucker Frawley (Blue Jays A-): 4.27

3. Marlon Bryd (Mets): 4.34

4. Michael Taylor (Nationals): 4.20

5. Kensuke Tanaka (Giants): 4.00

6. Mitch Maier (Red Sox): 4.32

7. Evan Gattis (Braves): 4.49

8. Joe Leonard (Braves): 4.46

9. Kyle Blanks (Padres): 4.29

10. Jose Pereza (Braves): 4.01 (on a bunt)

11. Roman Quinn (Phillies): 3.81 (on a bunt)

12. Yasiel Puig (Dodgers): 4.04

13. Joey Gallo (Rangers): 6.65 (from 2nd to home)

14. Jake Elmore (Astros): 4.23

15. Ty Wright (Cubs): 4.34

16. Angel Villalona (Giants): 5.21

17. Lance Berkman (Rangers): 4.34

18. Jim Adduci (Rangers): 10.97 (1st to home)

19. Dustin Ackley (Mariners): 4.16

20. Javier Baez (Cubs): 4.31

I uploaded all the times we have so far (399) to a spreadsheet that you can view below. I sorted by times to first (but the other times, at least for players we have just one time for, should be sorted as well as you scroll down), and the team should be the current team, but let me know if there are any errors.

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