Monday, March 25, 2013

LD Bell Scouting Reports

I watched LD Bell high school last year, and this year, I was able to watch the high school that produces some college players again. Here are just some short notes on a few of the players on the team.

Jordan Satterwhite is a 6-0 sophomore right-handed pitcher. He has a delivery that is not fluid, but not complicated either. He comes over the top and tries to use the angle to get on top of the ball.

He seems to have a solid fastball, and either took some off for a change or a sinker. Talking about command at this age seems kind of silly, but it was much better than you would expect, and he had a really good outing. He looks like a name to watch, already starting on Friday nights and having success at a big school.

Satterwhite a long and slow swing and struggled at the plate. If there is a college or professional future for Satterwhite, it is with the bat.

Sydney Daley is a senior that played centerfield and batted leadoff. He showed off a solid arm, but some pretty unorthodox mechanics that don't give him a real quick release. He has very good size and is tall (6-4) and just eats up ground in center with some long strides. I got about a 4.31 from the right side though, which is about average speed. I wasn't sure if he was running his hardest because his motion is so fluid and easy looking, but I got similar times later in the game. At the plate, he drove the ball really well when he had the platoon advantage. Below is some video I took of him hitting:

Caleb Rose is a junior right-fielder that had the best outfield arm on the team, a legitimate middle of the outfield to the plate arm. It is not surprising that he pitches. Unfortunately, I only saw him in warmups, as he didn't start. He is stocky, and I wonder if this speaks to a lack of other tools.

Zach Plunkett, the junior catcher, had an impressive 6.03 foul pop up time. His swing had a lot of issues, but he drilled a ball to the wall another time, showing that there is some real strength there.

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