Monday, March 11, 2013

Pacific University Scouting Reports

I saw the University of Pacific take on TCU, and wrote about starting pitcher Michael Hager here.

Nick Viola is a freshman (6-1 195) with a low sidearm delivery, along with a big deceptive leg kick that you usually don't see in sidearm pitchers. It is not a fluid motion. He was throwing 77-80 MPH with downward drop.

The team, on the whole, didn't show a lot of speed or power. However, they were pretty young, playing a lot of freshman, so there may be some potential there for this team.

Brett Sullivan played DH and hit lead-off, obviously a somewhat strange combination. His size (6-0 175) makes lead-off sense but not DH sense (the freshman is listed as a catcher/shortstop). His times to first were 4.31, 4.35, 4.37 as a left-handed hitter. He was not taking a lot of pitches and hit a lot of groundballs.

J.J. Wagner, also pitches, but I saw him play 3rd base. He has tall and lanky size, listed at 6-3 185. He ran about a 4.44 the first time, but was faster later, getting up to about 4.3, then 4.38 when he pulled up on the last couple of steps. There is always a chance I messed up the first time. He has a groundball swing and had some bad swings on breaking balls. He may not have ideal movements or athleticism, but he held his own out in the field. His throwing motion was a little awkward, as he drops down and it didn't provide him with a lot of strength. He is probably not a 3rd baseman long term, and I don't know if the arm is strong enough to play a lot of outfield.

Dustin Torchio is a shortstop, who also has an arm action that is not great or ideal. The senior did show good range though. Short at 5-10 (and providing no real power), was chasing at the plate. He only struck out 15 times last year, but he only walked 14 times. He ran about a 4.28 to first, but it wasn't really a straight path. Not a plus runner, Torchio has somewhat strange looking running strides and stole just 2 bases with 4 caught stealings in 2012.

Erik Lockwood definitely looks like a 1st baseman (listed at 6-3 190), and also pitches from the left side. It seemed like there was a hitch in his swing. It seemed like it was quick in itself but he found himself late on fastballs and was eaten up on breaking balls. He was a solid hitter in 2012, but didn't hit for much power. He ran a 4.57, but seemed a little faster than that, and stole 2 bases last year.

Tyger Peterson ran about a 4.31, and since he is not a big guy (listed at 6-0) and bats left handed, I expected better run. He was solid but not great at 2nd base and hit a hard line drive. The 5th year senior improved last year, but hasn't shown any tools statistically.

Jason Taasaas has a high front leg kick to begin his swing. He sort of has a slap swing, with really bizarre and inconsistent mechanics. The junior struggled at the plate last year. He is not exceptionally big (listed at 6-1 215) as a catcher. He ran a 4.84, but I got 4.59 the next time. He got rid of the ball quick behind the plate but didn't show a plus arm. He is a solid receiver and blocked pitches well.

Gio Brusa is an okay runner, probably below average. The 6-3 freshman has noisy hands with a big uppercut whiff, but he showed the ability to hit low pitches really well. He has good looking build, and the chest area suggests upper body strength.

Taylor Murphy, who was drafted in the 40th round out of high school by the Padres, screamed breaking balls the other way pretty well. He didn't have the power (no homers last year) for his upper cut swing that was a little slow but smooth.

Tyler Sullivan has an other way slap to his swing. I don't necessarily know if it was part of the plan, but the balls ended up the other way. His swing isn't slow, but maybe a little a little long and has a bit of an uppercut. He is maybe a tick under average runner from left side. I got him at 4.35 but he pulled up, and I could see him at a 4.25 really digging, though he didn't show much on the basepaths last year. He would chase low pitches, and while his K/BB was okay, he really was not very good at the plate last year. 

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