Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rockwall and Rockwall-Heath Scouting Reports

I saw Rockwall play Rockwall Heath, but since traffic caused me to arrive at the game late, I am combining both teams into one post. Over at Pine Tar Press, I wrote about Rockwall Heath shortstop Bret Boswell, a University of Texas commit.

First, Rockwall:

From a visual standpoint, my favorite player on the team was senior centerfielder Kendall Coleman. He is committed to the University of Iowa, so I am not the only one that likes him evidently. He is tall, lanky (listed at 6-4 200, big league size), and athletic looking (that is, he has a good body, and the few actions I did seem him out in the field and at the plate seemed to point to athleticism, but I didn't really see it tested unfortunately). The arm is okay in center, and with the size, he will probably be a corner outfielder in college. He has the quick wrists and bat speed to hit enough to play out there, but the swing mechanics have issues. He has a drastic uppercut, and it lead to an infield fly.

Dustin Angiel is a shortstop that is a Midland College commit. His arm didn't appear to be particularly strong, and he has a pretty unorthodox throwing motion. He has a big upper cut swing that seemed slow, and he really screwed himself into the ground on a couple of swings. He didn't appear to have real power, but he is an okay runner.

Brad Barnett is a junior left-handed hitter. He is a below average runner, and didn't have much athleticism in the field, playing 3rd.

Nick Lutzel is listed as a first baseman, but the big junior (6-4 200, looked tall and a little lanky to me) played right-field. He keeps his hands low, and has a hitch in his swing. He certainly seems strong, but his mechanics are currently not letting him take advantage of this.

Alec Vice is a senior right-handed pitcher at 6-2 195. This is not great, but solid size, and he appeared to be doing a good job of keeping the ball low. He has really weird mechanics, which you can see here:

He didn't appear to be throwing very hard, and wasn't throwing a lot of strikes. He was throwing a lot of breaking balls and spiked a lot of them. He also had an extremely wild pickoff throw.

I saw Rockwall-Heath last year and wrote about them here. Here are some notes on their team this year:

Ryan Kinney has a strange delivery, in which his head away from the hitter for a second. He showed that he was able to throw 2 different pitches for strikes, a curveball and a straight fastball. As he develops, he should be able to bury the curveball more. He looked short on the mound, and that certainly hurts his ceiling

Kelly Dorsett has a crouched stance, and has a lot to is swing, but the bat itself is pretty quick. With that said, he is probably not a plus runner.

Dillon Brown is an above average runner. At the plate, his front leg was doing something weird that seemed to hurt him in being able to catch up with fastballs. He was a good breaking ball hitter though.

Russell Hughes has a big uppercut swing with not great bat speed. In one sequence, he got burned on a breaking ball, followed by a fastball for big whiffs. When he does get into one, he can scream line drives the other way, but he doesn't really run well.

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