Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cisco Junior College Scouting Reports

Here are my scouting reports on Cisco Junior College, who Perfect Game recently called the top Junior College program in the country. 

Nate Cole is a 6-2 right-handed pitcher that is already filled out and a little older than most of his competition as he is already 21. He has a pretty standard delivery, with a release point that is a little over the top

He was throwing 85-87 MPH fastball that really seemed to lack zip, finish, or any movement. He broke out a slow curve that he threw a lot of righties. It was effective and had a little bit of horizontal tilt. He clearly throws a change as well, or at least takes some off his fastball. At times, he really struggled to throw strikes, and really had a lot of problems spiking pitches that didn't make it to the plate late in the game. He seemed to work mainly away from hitters, regardless of platoons, but he could move the fastball low and into righties. Overall, it seemed (I didn't chart pitches), that he threw a low percentage of fastballs.

Andres Nelo is another guy that is a little old, as a redshirt sophomore. The small (5-7) left-handed batter swung through a lot of pitches. He didn't get a lot of chances at 2nd, but his arm seemed to be solid. He has average to slightly above average speed, timed him at about 4.2 to first from the left side.

Alex Montero is a big 3rd baseman, a bit of a bad body player (listed at 6-2 225). The arm is okay, but as expected, he isn't very mobile at 3rd. He can't really run, with about a 4.9 to first. He did hit a ball the other way, and another one up the middle, very well. The swing is smooth.

Jace Reese is a big 6'4 245 freshman first baseman with an uppercut swing. Earlier in the game, he got sort of jammed on a pitch that didn't seem to be that good and just kinda flipped it up the middle for a bloop hit. Initially I thought that his natural strength (just based on size) must not really play in game situations or with is swing, but later, he pulled a low breaking ball over the fence for a home run. He is a big strong man with some bat skills.

Michael Baca is a sophomore shortstop that struggled defensively in the game. He hit lead-off, but was really an averagish runner, and saw a lot of off-speed pitches because he would chase them.

Christian Simmons is a left-handed hitting centerfielder that looked a little smaller than his listed height and weight. He was really overwhelmed on pitches thrown away and really struggled at the plate. Patrick McLendon ran a slow 7.56 1st to third, but it may not have been max effort.

Cameron Massengill didn't really look like a catcher, but he ran like one, at about a 4.7 to first base. Behind the plate, he seemed to struggle on throw downs, and I got a 2.15 pop time from him. He did make a nice play on a bunt though, and blocked pitches well. His swing is a little long and not really smooth, but he still made some hard contact.

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