Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Eastern Michigan Scouting Reports

Here are my notes on the University of Eastern Michigan, who I saw play in Grand Prairie against Kansas:

Paul Schaak is a junior lefty that is a little short and already built out it seems. He has a 3/4 delivery that made it really easy to see the ball, especially when he was turning his wrist for his breaking ball. He was only throwing 83-84 MPH on his fastball, moving it well, but it stayed up a lot. He gets it to move glove side. He threw two separate breaking balls, that had similar movement but different velcoity. Both broke horizontally and vertically, as did his fastball on occasion. One was 78-80 MPH and the other was 71-72 MPH. He had a lot of problems finishing both pitches. He started off in junior college, but he pitched with Eastern Michigan in 2012 and wasn't too bad with a 3.69 FIP in 28.1 innings.

Taylor Dimmerling has an eccentric delivery that is easier to just record than describe:

He threw 83-86 MPH on his fastball, and it was staying middle to high but later got it down. It has decent 2-seam move. He also threw a 81 MPH change along with a couple of curves. He was one of several Eastern Michigan pitchers that rather drastically underperformed their DIPs in 2012 in small sample sizes. Whether that is because of the nature of small sizes, the not always DIPs friendly college environment, or because Eastern Michigan was/is terrible at defense, is not really clear.

As a group Eastern Michigan seemed really passive and took a lot of strikes. They also didn't have any real athletic looking tool guys.

Daniel Russell is a senior centerfielder who batted lead-off. He didn't seem like a special runner or anything. He hasn't shown great tools offensively, not a lot of power or speed, but has, at least statistically, shown decent plate discipline and hit for a low average, but okay numbers overall.

John Rubino is a little shortstop, that seemed like a solid runner. He doesn't have soft hands, but made solid contact. As a freshman in 2012, he really struggled at the plate.

Lee Longo is a DH that has already built into his frame, which isn't tall (6-1). He has an uppercut swing that isn't quick. He is very concerned about making contact and robs any power he might have by going down and getting balls. He hit just 3 homers last year, which is a low number considering his size.

Adam Sonabend is a short (5-11) catcher with an arm that didn't look great. The junior transferred from community college (after being with Kansas State and not playing) where he hit for a decent average, but no real power.

Jamie Simpson has a slow uppercut hack but showed the ability to reach for outside pitches. He seemed to be a decent runner, but he stole just 1 base in 108 games last year.

Mitchell McGeein is a first baseman that didn't look like a first baseman (6-1 210 is his listed size, but he may have been smaller than that). He chased low pitches but the freshman ripped a homer pull side on a high hanging fastball.

Marquise Gil is a thin looking freshman but not especially tall (I doubt he is really 6-1 200). He doesn't have a smooth or flat swing. He is a below average runner and struggled on defensive, really lacking soft hands.

Sam Ott is a bad body right-fielder that is an awkward runner, running 8.38 on a double. He pulled a ball well, and despite hitting just 2 homers last year, he had a decent OPS and walked more than he struck out.

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