Thursday, March 28, 2013

Denton Guyer Scouting Reports

Here are some very short notes on Denton Guyer High School:

Jud Kinzy is a senior (with decent and athletic looking size, listed at 6-2 180, looks like he could add a little weight) right-handed pitcher that had a simple and easy delivery, though his arm slot was not always inconsistent. Many times, he would sling his arm behind his body and step off the mound awkwardly when landing.

He also plays shortstop according to the roster, but ran a 4.37 to first on a bunt, which is slow. He wasn't throwing real hard (I clocked him at 77 MPH), and hitters were really out in front, and he was really hittable against left-handed batters. Kinzy ended up throwing a lot off-speed pitches, a 62 MPH very soft pitch with okay, though not late, movement. Most everything was throw low away from right-handed batters. His fastball wasn't bad when he threw it in, but he just didn't do it often.

Reid Battles is a senior catcher that looked quite big. He is listed at 6-4 173, but he didn't appear to be thin (which is what that weight would definitely imply), but he should fill out more. Predictably, he is not much of a runner (ran a not horrible 4.37 to first though). His arm didn't appear to be strong, but he had an okay 2.12 pop time. He hit a 5.37 second fly-ball to center, and hit another curveball well.

Domenic Pickering is a large senior that also evidently played on the defensive line in football. He struggled chasing high fastballs, but when he got one up and in, he pulled it for a homer (it isn't surprising that he is so strong if he also played on the defensive line for what is usually a good football program, though I don't follow high school football very closely anymore).

Chris Monroe is a senior shortstop that didn't look like a shortstop. While he was clearly smaller than some of the bigger players listed above (5-10), he was too big for to play shortstop without some really hidden athleticism. He is not fast, but the arm does work there, so perhaps 3rd base isn't impossible. He hit a 4.44 on an infield fly-ball.

Junior Zak Koehler ran a 4.5 to first from the right side. Daulton Horton played first base, didn't look his listed size, stocky, not real tall, ran about 4.6 to first. Tristan Brown is another junior that is pretty small, but he did run pretty well.

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