Sunday, March 17, 2013

Notes on Burleson Centennial and Waco University

I saw Burleson Centennial play Waco University (high school baseball) play. I really wanted to see Casey Shane, the Texas A&M commit at Burleson, but he wasn't pitching that day. So I just combined the scouting reports into one post.

Turner Jenkins is a decent sized senior right-handed pitcher with an over the top delivery. The ball remains very high when doesn't finish it. He would leave a lot way up. He keeps his glove up the entire time, which seemed a little strange. He had a very underwhelming fastball that I clocked in the high 70s. He got some 2 seam glove side tail. This was his best pitch against right-handed batters. He has a 12-6 type curve with some vertical horizontal break. It was very slow and soft and got down to 62-63 MPH. He really fell in love with it sometimes and it was effective when buried and thrown a little harder. As a hitter, he ran a 4.45 to first from the right side.

Colton Anderson is a small leadoff shortstop. The sophomore (it is impressive that he is already batting lead-off) has no real power at the point, but the bat gets through the zone pretty well. Unfortunately, he didn't show good or great speed.

Jacob Martin is a junior that played centerfield. He has decent looking size and bats from left size. He looked slower, but I got 4.24 to first base. He showed a little pop, but his swing was behind some fastballs.

Bryce Bennett is not tall, but has decent size, though he is perhaps a little big. Slow, the senior showed the ability to make good contact by going down and getting a low ball.

RF Parker Sutherland is a senior with below average speed. Despite not have a pretty or sweet swing, he showed a quick bat with some pull power.

Waco University:

Eric Guerrero is an undersized freshman pitcher. He looks like a small middle infielder. A soft tossing righty, he has a 3/4ths delivery that makes it pretty easy to see the ball. Nearly everything he threw went glove side, including a soft breaking ball and a big curve that didn't sweep as much as the other pitch. He really had no control at all and got torched and didn't make it out of the 2nd inning. Obviously he will grow, and I feel silly saying anything about his delivery repetition problems or even his velocity because he is so young.

Dominic De Leon is a taller pitcher, but he didn't throw very hard either (but harder than Guerrero). He has some deception, putting his glove out front and his arm behind his back. He threw mainly high fastballs, but also seemed to take a little bit off for a changeup.

Quentin Trice was the DH, and had some really ugly hacks on breaking balls. He was holding his hands too low, which made it really difficult to adjust to pitches. He has a quick bat and was able to scream some line drives, but I don't think he has enough tools to go with it.

Mike Jimenez was the catcher. He was not real athletic, but has a decent arm. He got under the ball at the plate and there is some pop in there.

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  1. Very good report, I follwoed this district thoughout the year and agree with all comments. Waco High is a very young team and will get better with Donald Harris @ the helm.