Monday, March 4, 2013

University of Kansas Scouting Reports

The University of Kansas and Eastern Michigan played a 4 game series in the Grand Prairie Airhogs stadium, and I caught the Sunday game.

Drew Morovick is a big (6-5 249!) righty sophomore with a slight hip turn. He touched 90-91 MPH, but worked closer to 86-89 MPH on his fastball, getting down to 85. It moves sort of like a 2-seamer/sinker, but he had some problems with it staying high very early. He usually missed low, and was working glove side, locating some pitches really well on the outside corner to righties. A few broke arm-side, but those seemed like mistakes. He also threw 72-74 MPH breaking balls that breaks like a slider. Obviously this is way too slow for a slider, and is even kind of slow for a curve, so it could just be a two plane curve. With that said, he seemed like a sinker/slider guy, but he didn't throw enough strikes and eventually ran himself out of the game with a high pitch count.

Conner Murray is a skinny short looking (6-0 184) right-handed sophomore pitcher with a 3/4 delivery. Everything broke arm side and his control wasn't sharp to say the least. He was athletic off the mound and threw 81-85 MPH with 2-seam action. His 71-75 MPH curve breaks both ways.

Jordan Piche is a junior right-handed pitcher that has a hip turn with a toe pointed down as he finishes it. He was throwing 86-87 MPH, but I heard he is up to 88-89 MPH usually. He got down to 85 MPH and it was pretty straight. He also threw a 74 MPH breaking ball.

Jordan Mustain is a junior right-handed pitcher that is somewhat short and not thick (6-1 180). He uses an over the top motion that seems to have a little bit of tilt or rotation. This seemed to cause some real release point issues. He was throwing 89-90 MPH on his fastballs, getting down to 86 and up to 92. It has a little bit of movement, which he supplements with a 76 MPH overhand curve.

Tyler Watson is a (5-11) lanky freshman lefty soft-tosser that was only throwing about 81 MPH with a 74 MPH curve. Robert Kahana uses a front leg lift that is weird and not fluid. He tilts his body some, in a really messy right-handed delivery. The sophomore was throwing 84-87 MPH, with a too soft 73 MPH slider that he used a lot.

Justin Protacio is a very short shortstop, part of a really small infield Kansas has. He is clearly a slap hitter, and the bat seems quick, but I didn't love his swing. He didn't show exceptional range and his arm wasn't strong.

Jordan Dreiling is probably a below average runner, and he is a 3rd baseman that looks like a 2nd baseman. The senior is a pull hitter that drove a ball into the gap well.   

Alex Deleon is a senior 1st baseman that isn't extremely large yet, and still runs a 4.5 to first. The plate discipline seems lacking as well.

Ka'iani Eldredge is a junior catcher that looks a little small. He is athletic, but he had some receiving problems and had problems blocking balls. He is really passive at the plate, trying to go the other way without a great looking swing or bat speed.

Jacob Boylan is a freshman DH that I heard is a dreadful defender at first. He can't run at all, but has okay height and could fill out. The swing is not especially quick and he has a bit of an upper cut that makes it hard to hit high pitches.

Michael Suiter is a left-fielder with a good flat stroke. He pulled a line drive well, but in the field, he has a rainbow arm that was inaccurate.

Tucker Tharp is a little short (5-11) junior centerfielder, and he pulled the ball well. However, the problem with evaluating these pull hitters is that the opposing pitcher didn't have good velo. The good news is that he threw a lot of breaking pitches. So we may be saying how advanced these hitters are, but not how good they actually are.

Tommy Mirabelli is a freshman 2nd baseman that showed some range, but his  arm is clearly below average. He is really short (5-8) and had a bad swing on a breaking ball.

Dakota Smith is another small guy that used an uppercut swing. I originally thought the sophomore didn't have much power and it was hurting him after his first at-bat, but he pulled a homer the next at-bat.

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