Monday, February 4, 2013

Howard College Scouting Reports

Overall, Howard College was a really slow team without great athletes or defense. They clearly value the batting and offensive skills more than speed and defense (or that is at least how their roster shakes out). 
Cameron Neal is small (the Redshirt Freshman is listed at 5-8 160), but he comes with some (but not great) some bat skills (though he certainly isn't going to hit for power).He played centerfield and showed good range and athleticism, but he ran just a 4.34 to first and struggled with jumps and reads. Reggie Wilson ran a 4.28 to first and was too passive at the plate, taking pitches right down the middle.

Reed Seeley doesn't have much run either, but showcased a quick bat and solid follow through in his swing. He struggled with changeups, and at 3rd base he clearly didn't have the athleticism, but he did show off his arm, which is a plus.
Omar Garcia is a slow Redshirt Sophomore. Zach Ake ran about a 4.47 to first base. The Sophomore infielder is on the smaller side at 5-10 180

Keegan Sanford struggled in left and is another player with below average run. At the plate, he has an other way approach and struggled with pitch recognition, as he was burned on changes by left-handers as a right-handed hitter and then took curves down the middle.

Jose Favela played behind the plate, but it was clear that he didn't belong there. He is a very big player that just doesn't have enough athleticism to block balls, but he did have a good arm, which is why he was most likely there. At the plate, his stance doesn't take advantage of his size, and he doesn't show as much power as you would expect (his power to strength ratio is off basically). His bat is too relaxed on his shoulder, but he makes up for it with a very quick bat. Unfortunately, it is more of a slap swing, and he isn't able to get under the ball.

Brian Drapeau was the only reliever I saw, and the right-hander is big and stocky, offering no real projection (the 220 is probably a little conservative). He has a quick delivery, but not a great stride.

His fastball sat at 82-84 MPH, but it was not straight. The change sat about 73 MPH, with some decent movement, but it stayed up. His 76-77 MPH (touching 78 MPH) was his most consistent pitch in movement, location, and velocity, and it was the pitch he threw the most. In fact, he really struggled when he went to the fastball or the changeup. The slider has some nice left to right action, and is not really a "dirt pitch" (meaning, he is trying to throw strikes with it, or at least stay near the zone). He had good command of it, putting in places that made it hard for left-handers and right-handers to hit it.

The starting pitcher was Tommy Burns, and his scouting report will be with something larger that I am working on that I will link to here when I am done.


  1. wow,i saw jose favela, play at area code in long beach,no one steal a base on him and he was drafted by the twins out of highschool

  2. His arm was good, but he has just gotten too big for the position it looks like. He couldn't block balls, and it was clear that he was wearing down and having problems getting down on as the game went along.

  3. Did you see the other Jersey Pitcher? I believe his name is Palladino

  4. Sorry, I didn't. I wrote about every pitcher I saw above. I would love to see Howard again, especially their Friday pitcher, but they aren't playing anywhere I am near again.

    1. I saw Reggie Wilson Play in the 2012 Juco World Series with San Jacinto and he was hands down the best player there.

  5. Yea the friday guys are David Gates who hit 99 mph and David Palladino who hit 96 mph. Should be interesting to see where they end up. Both big body guys.

  6. Are you a scout?