Saturday, July 20, 2013

Miguel Sano's Pitch F/X Data

Miguel Sano is well known as the power hitting 3rd baseman in the Twins organization, and was one of the team's Futures Game representatives. He was the hitter that saw the most pitches (22) in the game according to Pitch F/X (he was 0-2, with a walk and a HBP), and because of that, I wanted to take a look at his data during the game, to see what he pitches he saw, and how he reacted to them.

Compared to other Futures Game hitters, Sano was pitched really low on average, but swung at pitches that were higher and more inside (he is a right-handed hitter) on average, and had one of the biggest differences between average pitch seen and average pitch swung at, as far as location, in the Futures Game. Sano also only saw pitches against right-handed pitchers, meaning he never had the platoon advantage during the game, as the following graph shows:

He saw some pretty distinct release points, including a couple of pitches delivered basically behind him. Not surprisingly, his two contact plays came on balls delivered closer to the center of the rubber.

The following graph contains the pitches Miguel Sano swung at. As you will notice, the entire graph is the strike zone, as Sano was not one of the players that swung at a pitch outside of the traditional strike zone in the game.

All fastballs, and all in the zone. Here are the results and the velocities of those pitches.

He managed to foul off a fastball close to a 100 MPH, and both of the balls he put in play were over 95 MPH, so even with the whiff, the bat speed looks like it is there. 

Here were all the fastballs Sano saw in the game by location, labelled with result:

 Due to the nature of the Futures Game, Sano didn't see any pitches labelled as changeups, and saw just 4 breaking balls (not swinging at any of them):

We didn't see Sano's power in the Futures Game, but there is nothing that tells us that the power isn't legitimate. Small sample sizes obviously apply, but we saw a glimpse of good bat speed and good plate discipline in the Futures Game from Sano.

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