Friday, July 26, 2013

Notes on Three NC Dinos Relievers

The NC Dinos are the newest team in the Korea Baseball Organization, so they predictably have a lot of unknown players. Naver has scouting reports on most of the players in the KBO, but usually they don't have reports on the newest players. In this post, I wanted to look at three relatively young NC Dinos relievers that don't have Naver scouting reports.

Lee Sung-Min is a 23 years old right-handed pitcher (all three are right-handed) that has a -6 FIP RAA and -11 ERA RAA so far this season. He has an
extreme sling motion in his delivery, making it seem like his arm and body is on some kind of spring. He pauses at his highest point, making balance extremely important. He has a very high leg kick and a knee movement while up in the air, so seems like he has a lot of deception to his delivery. The delivery is less dramatic with runners on base, but it doesn't turn into a normal delivery or anything. He is probably easy to run on, and I would think that delivery repetition would be a problem.

Lee throws about 89 MPH, down to 87 on the fastball, with pretty good movement on it, and it goes everywhere. The only other pitch I saw him throw in a one inning look was an 81 MPH changeup without great movement.

Im Chang-Min is 27, about to turn 28, with a -1 FIP RAA and 2 ERA RAA this season so far. He is a lanky RHP with a delivery that has a little bit of deception with a high straight leg kick before coming forward and breaking his hands. He doesn't really get on top of the ball at all because he doesn't get low at the time of delivery, so just guessing without release point data, he probably has a high release point.

Im features a 87-88 MPH fastball, along with a 82-84 MPH change. The latter stays arm side but with a pretty low amount of movement. He threw two real quality changes to get bad swings in the inning I saw him work. His breaking ball was 79-81 MPH. It seems to be a little hard for a curve compared to his fastball, but it breaks like one. He had problems getting it down.

Yoon Kang-Min is a 22 years old RHP, that doesn't turns 23 until after the season ends. He has only pitched in one outing in the KBO (the one I saw), and in the Futures (the minors) he's really struggled.

Yoon has a somewhat low and out release point, though not a real sidearm delivery.  He just gets really low by the time he lets go of the ball. He flew open and didn't finish delivery sometimes. The ball was staying too far up, even for 4-seam fastball. His fastball was 88-92 MPH, and Yoon was very fastball heavy. He could sink it occasionally, but very rarely. His second pitch was an 85-86 MPH slider that went glove side and low, but didn't really break, at least not consistently. It was used very rarely. He also showed off a 78 MPH change that he threw armside to a righty. It had good movement, but the usage and command were both low.

Yoon really needs a lot of work on mechanics and developing a real breaking ball. Obviously he shouldn't be with the big club right now.

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