Sunday, July 14, 2013

Free Agent Fantasy Team Update: Relying on Luis Cruz

A short free agent fantasy team update this week.

Scott Feldman was traded from the Cubs to the Orioles, which doesn't change his status on my team.

Wang and Camp were DFA'd, Wang was outrighted, Camp was released. I am releasing Wang myself as well. Luis Cruz and Jeff Francouer signed to the big league team to fill their roster spots. Since we are about 95 games into the season, they both get 199,000 dollars. Manny Ramirez and Kelly Shoppach signed to the minor league team, with David Ross and Ryan Madson released, both on 60 day DLs, and both looking like they won't be back this season.
Kuroda missed a start (really was just pushed back a couple of days), but returned and didn't go on the DL. Roy Oswalt hurt his hamstring and goes to the DL/Minors team. He is a release candidate, but instead I released Ben Francisco instead. I also changed Kevin Slowey back to starter, as he took Nolasco's rotation spot. This should put my MLB team at 23 players.

Scott Baker has started a rehab assignment, which obviously doesn't change his roster designation, but is a good sign.  Ryan Ludwick could be back in August according to reports.

15.4 fWAR: 43.33 wins, 51.67 losses

15.2 rWAR: 43.13 wins, 51.87 losses

-2 WAA: 45.5 wins, 49.5 losses

12.3 WARP: 42.7 wins, 52.3 losses

Instead of a writeup of one of the players, I'll just link to my article on Jeremy Guthrie's struggles from Pine Tar Press.

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