Sunday, July 28, 2013

Free Agent Fantasy Team Update: Grilli and Slowey to the DL

Another injury riddled and roster moved filled two weeks for the Free Agent Fantasy Team:

Grilli, Slowey and Bogusevic all went to the DL and were placed on the Inactive team. Luis Cruz also went to the DL, but I just released him because I didn't want to use a minor league roster spot to keep him around.

Thomas Neal was brought up to big league team, but then went back down. I obviously updated his stats, but he stays on inactive team. Loney did go on paternity leave, but came back, so no roster move.

Melky Cabrera was activated off the DL and went to big league team. I also signed Humberto Quintero, who signed a big league contract with the Mariners, to get my big league roster up to 21. Since we are about 104 games into the season, he will make $171,852. I released Bobby Wilson from my minor league team to make room, as he wasn't hitting in AAA and I have plenty of catching depth now, with 3 on the big league team and Kelly Shoppach still on the minor league team. I also released Clay Rapada to put my inactive team back at 15.

Assuming 104 games played:

16.1 fWAR, 46.7 wins, 57.3 losses

16.2 rWAR, 46.8 wins, 57.2 losses

13 WARP, 46.3 wins, 57.7 losses

-2.9 WAA, 49.1 wins, 54.9 losses

The three replacement level metrics are the  closest they have been all year, unifying as the wheels have absolutely fallen off of my team. 

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