Tuesday, April 2, 2013

McKinney High School Baseball Scouting Reports

Harrison Kinney is a small guy (5-10 170 pounds) that seems to be all legs. He was getting good gloveside movement on his pitches and changed speeds with a good looking breaking ball. He mowed down Plano West's lineup quite impressively and threw all his pitches for strikes.

Dalton Harris is a senior catcher with a 2.06 pop time but inaccurate and not very strong in game throws. At the plate, he has a big uppercut swing that wasn't slow, but didn't give him much plate coverage. He did take a couple of walks in the game.

Jesse Cox stayed in on a slow curve that he pulled for a double. The senior corner infielder ran a 4.47 to first base. Gunnar Lund has solid speed, probably a tick below MLB average. The left-handed senior played 1st and hit a curveball well.

Joe Baker is a small junior shortstop that looked athletic and was rangey. However, he struggled with the routine play. He has a good arm and can throw across his body accurately. He doesn't have great offensive tools, but held his own with good plate coverage and some plate discipline. He does not a quick or powerful swing.

Garrett Christianson played 3rd and hit a 5.1 infield flyball. Brad Vassar is a left-handed batter that pulled a homer in 4.25 seconds. He also hit a pitch way outside to left field with 4.78 hang time. It definately looked like he had some pop.

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