Saturday, April 27, 2013

Catcher Pop Times: Part 1

The Fielding Bible released a study on catcher pop times (along with pitchers delivery times) that showed the obvious, the quicker the time, the more likely they are going to throw out runners. They mentioned a few catchers' names, but didn't release a full list. I was already working on gathering some catcher pop times. So here, I am not trying to do any kind of study, that has already been done. I am simply trying to just gather some times and publicly release them, just like I have been doing with the running times for position players. This is only catchers' pop times to 2nd base. I am planning on getting as many times as I can for each individual catcher, instead of getting just one for each player like I have been doing for the running times. Anyway, this list is really limited so far, but I am just getting started and will try to get as many minor league and (mainly) major league catchers as I can. For now, enjoy the first 15 times:

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