Thursday, October 6, 2011

Japanese hitting Metric

I previously made a Japanese pitcher metric (you can find that in the Yu Darvish article), that compared how pitchers' in Japan did in the Majors in America. Here I am going to do the same with hitters. There have been far less Japanese hitters in the Show than pitchers. So I am using all 7 that BaseballCube had reliable stats on and had significant time in the Big Leagues. Ichiro 1.82 PAPP 1.56 PPG 392 OBP in Japan.  In America: 1.29 PPG, 2.227 PAPP. , 370 OBP. So Taguchi: in America, .62 PPG, 2.58 PAPP, .332 OBP, In Japan: .329 OBP, 2.6 PAPP, 1.07 PPG. Kazuo Matsui in Japan: 1.58 PPG, 2.10 PAPP, .351 OBP. In America: .321 OBP, 2.53 PAPP, 1.07 PPG. Kosuke Fukodome in Japan: .390 OBP, 1.99 PAPP, 1.48 PPG. In America: .92 PPG, .361 OBP, and 2.27 PAPP. Akinori Iwamura in America: .95 PPG, .345 OBP, 2.46 PAPP. In Japan: .358 OBP, 2.15 PAPP, 1.39 PPG. Tsuyoshi Nishioka in Japan: 2.18 PAPP, 1.26 PPG, and .375 OBP. In America: .278 OBP, .51 PPG, and 3.51 PAPP. Hideki Matsui in Japan: .408 OBP, 1.71 PPG, 1.77 PAPP. In America: 1.32 PPG, .363 OBP, 2.22 PAPP. The 7 hitters averaged a 2.09 PAPP in Japan, and 2.83 in America, a .74 addition. They averaged a 1.44 PPG in Japan and a .95 PPG in the Majors, a .49 addition. They averaged a .372 OBP in Japan and .339 OBP in the Majors, a .033 subtraction. When going over hitters numbers in Japan, we will use this metric to grade how well they might do in the Majors in the United States.

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