Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free Agent Watch: Armando Galarraga

This was the pitcher that was robbed of a no-hitter by a bad call at first base last year. Since then, things haven't gone as well. His ERA in 2011 with the Arizona Diamondbacks was 5.91 and he had a 4.36 PE. Obviously these numbers are way too high. He has a career ERA of 4.69 and a PE of 2.91. In 2011, he had a 60% strike percentage (his career number is 62%), and struck out 6 batters per 9 innings (his career number is 5.72). In addition to his terrible major league year, he also had 5 terrible AAA starts where he struggled with the long ball in 2011. In his major league career, he has given up 1.53 HR/9IP, which is way too much. No matter what, he is going to give up a lot of bombs. He has shown the ability to be a back of rotation starter, but his ugly 2011 season should really concern people. In 08, he posted a 3.1 WAR, which would be a 129 WASP at "minimum wage", and would be one of the tops in the league. However, the rest of the years, he isn't worth more than a minor league/minimum wage contract. At 29, he is too young to be "washed up", but he should have peaked physically, and last years' horrible year becomes even more concerning. He has the ability to do well, and he has at times, one just wonders about his mental state and whether he will ever develop consistency. Time is absolutely running out. Some metrics, such as the percentage of strikes and strikeouts (see above), have stayed the same, so one wonders if he was lucky in 08, or unlucky now? If you can bring him in on a nonroster invitation or minor league contract, it seems worth it to bring him to spring training and see how he does.

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