Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hill College Scouting Report

I watched Hill College in the spring, and here is my report from then. And here is my scouting report on them from the Weatherford tournament:

Pedro Rodriguez is a small lefty that has a 83-85 MPH straight fastball with a 69-70 MPH curveball. He did get some grounders and weak pop-ups.

Brandon White is a right-handed pitcher with decent size that somewhat comes over the top. His fastball is at 86-87 MPH with a little sink or cut. His change was at 83-84 MPH and didn't have real movement. He also throws a 75-79 MPH breaking ball that he can drop to to 71 MPH as a slow curve with more break. He slows down his arm action though, and was pretty much tipping his pitches.

Shea Leman is a small right handed pitcher sitting at just 85-86 MHP with a little sink. He throws a 72-75 MPH curve that he can bury in the dirt or occasionally throw for strikes.

Trent Fontenot has similar build to Leman with a hip turn and arm action to hide the ball. He has a 87-89 MPH fastball with a 82-83 MPH split/change with strong drop. He also throws something with similar movement at 78-79 MPH but doesn't have much control over it. One Big 12 scout moved down just to see him and went back up after he was done pitching.

Zach Reininger was throwing 85-87 MPH (touching 89 MPH) with a 75-78 MPH breaking ball. It doesn't have much break, but had some decent gloveside tail.

Cody Farr is a legitimate submarine pitcher, that throws just 73-77 MPH and gets down to 67-70 MPH with downward movement. He was a little hittable against right-handed batters, and may just throw too soft. He is actually pretty tall, which is a little surprising for a submarine pitcher.

Nathan Harris is another small right-handed pitch that throws just 83 MPH but at least has a 3 pitch mix. He throws a 75-76 MPH slider along with a 71 MPH curve he can throw for strikes. 

Dane Burman has a solid arm behind the plate to go with a big frame. He looks like a good defensive catcher in all. Of course, he is as slow as a baseball player can possibly be. At the plate, he was jammed on the fastball and had some really poor at-bats.

Shortstop Bryce Stark can run a little bit and is a contact hitter. Brett Murray struggles with breaking pitches and doesn't have a pretty swing. He likes to pull the ball and can hit it hard when he gets a hold of it.

Adonis Askew has a bit of a long swing in which looks like is just a slow start and not so much slow bat speed. He has good size with good speed and plays centerfield. He needs to work on his reads and routes, but there is potential there.

Justin Arrington doesn't run well for a small guy and I didn't like his swing for the most part. He did do a good job of getting his hands extended on an outside pitch. Mason Paxton has a good arm in right-field but is small for a corner outfielder. He did show some other way pop with the bat. Nick Marti was hitting the ball hard, but is another small corner outfielder. His range and arm aren't very notable either.

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