Monday, September 24, 2012

Weatherford College Scouting Report

I have already written about Weatherford here and here, but this report includes almost all guys I haven't written about.

I was disappointed that I didn't see Jacob Stone pitch, who was drafted in the 39th round by the Reds this year (but did not sign) and was considered a top 250 draft prospect by Perfect Game and a top 500 prospect by Baseball America.

Skyler Wheeler has sort of a weird delivery. It is not quite Ubaldo Jimenez like in his delivery, but is similar in how he rocks back and comes over the top. He was throwing hard and in turn was getting hit pretty hard. He was throwing a lot of changeups and could locate them pretty well.

Seth Henry is a 6-1 righty with a somewhat jerky over the top motion. He throws a lot of off-speed pitches that he buries in the dirt. Here is some video of Henry that includes some good video of Erik Garcia (talked about in the previous articles) behind the plate:

Scouts seemed to be more interested in E.K. Everett than most of the other pitchers the teams ran out there in the tournament. He threw a lot of off-speed pitches with an okay looking fastball.

Weatherford always seems to have good pitchers. Alex Gebert has a pretty hard fastball with good velo and life. He has a good array of off-speed with good speed differential. He throws a hard splitter that he doesn't have much control over at all. He also has a slider that he hung and a change as well. He misses a lot to his glove side with his fastball and has a little bit of deception in his delivery. There is a difference between being wild and just having bad command. Having bad command implies that it is fixable while wild is extreme and perhaps not fixable. I thought Gebert just had bad command.

Lefty Parker Thomas is not real big at 6-0 195, but he has a decent fastball that he can locate with a curveball with pretty nice bite.

Hunter Roberts has a fastball that appears to "rise" (I know how gravity works) and tails gloveside. He looks a lot like Thomas except he isn't throwing quite as hard. He is 1 inch taller and a few pounds lighter. He had some problems throwing strikes, but did have some good movement and a curveball.

Blake Douglas is a big right-handed pitcher (6-5) and hides the ball in his body. His fastball has armside tail and he keeps it pretty low and it comes in on righties. He throws a rare change with a little dip, but it's best attribute is his speed differential. 

Dean Redden is small and wiry for a catcher, but has a good looking arm. There is a good chance he will fill out. He has a pretty quick looking bat but perhaps a hitch in getting it started. Cotton Hall is a left-handed hitter who struggled with breaking balls. There does seem to be some other way line drive power there.
Trevor Simms has a dip in his hops during his swing and has slow bat speed. He is also listed as a pitcher and I assume that he is better at that than hitting as an outfielder.

Aaron Collazo doesn't have a flat or pretty swing, but it is compact. He can run and has a good arm, but he plays left-field. He is not a corner outfielder type. I would really like to see him play a position like 2nd (if he can).

Cameron Allenhagen has a somewhat slow swing. He doesn't look like a great runner but has a strong and accurate arm at 3rd. Trooper Reynolds looks athletic with his build and has a solid arm at 3rd. He looked really bad against right-handed pitching but can hit the ball with some authority. Paxton Delagarza turned a really sweet looking double play from shortstop and showed a good eye at the plate. Cody Semler played a good 2nd base but seemed fooled on off-speed.

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