Tuesday, September 25, 2012

McLennan Community College Scouting Report

Here are the scouting reports for McLennan Community College:

Blake Zieren is RHP with a little bit of a hip turn. Since I took some decent video of him, I'll let that do the talking:

Trey Wall is a skinny right-handed pitcher with a pretty violent over the top delivery. He had some serious release point problems and didn't have much as far as control goes. He showed off a decent breaking nall in both break and speed differential

Connor Comacho is a short and skinny right-handed pitcher with some deception that makes his fastball look like it gets in there quick. The breaking ball needs work as it doesn't have sharp break or command.

Kody Hessemer is not a big RHP (the roster doesn't have listed height or weight) and doesn't throw real hard. He hides the ball with a leg kick and his curveball does a better job of changing eye level and speed than it does of actually creating swing and miss movement. He was hit pretty hard but threw a couple of good fastballs.

Andrew Sanchez is a short RHP that really gets some length in his stride and releases the ball from a low position (though not a low arm angle). He doesn't have a lot of feel for his breaking ball and his fastball was hit pretty hard.

Since McLennan has one of the shorter scouting reports out of the teams in the tournament, I will include notes on 2 Cisco College players. Their roster was not updated online and the one that they handed out at the stadium didn't have numbers on it. When I emailed the coach, he didn't seem to have much interest in giving me the names of a couple of guys I was interested in.

I did know who two players were, Jesus Villalobos and Cameron Massengill. Massengill is a pretty big catcher (listed at 6-1 190, I'm not buying that) with a slow long swing. Jesus is not a good runner and actually looked like he was having hamstring problems. He has a good athletic build and when he hit the ball (he seems to have some contact problems), he hit it hard. He has a big hack where he takes his head (and most importantly, his eye) off the ball. Breaking balls are going to cause Jesus some problems.

Clay Deen is a little infielder who is also listed as a pitcher (which is surprising considering his size). His swing looked pretty long. Tyler Floyd did a nice job behind the plate and is a short stocky guy that is not much of a runner. He has somewhat of an arch in his swing. Trevor Podsednik showed some patience but is a below average runner. Kyle Thornwell had some of the worst swings of the entire weekend. Reid Coover is not particularly fast as a first baseman, but he has good reactions defensively. Offensively, he doesn't have a pretty swing.

Cole Calder has good running ability and showed a little pop with an uppercut swing. He is not going to swing at high pitches, but was late on some fastballs because his bat looked a little slow. He was also fooled on breaking balls. He played centerfield and had a weak arm. Enrique Oquendo didn't seem to be getting the power that his frame should produce. He is a below average runner, but played a good RF despite some bad routes.

Zach Gonzalez has sort of a short compact swing and is looking to go the other way. He isn't going to produce power, but he has good mechanics.

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