Monday, September 24, 2012

NorthEast Texas Community College

Here are the scouting reports for NorthEast Texas Community College:

Luke Wyatt has a little bit of tail on his fastball, but the velocity is below average. He throws an overhand curve for strikes low in the zone and looks like he has a change as well. He was really squared up a lot.

Tanner Beattie is a big RHP (listed at 230 but maybe more) with okay velocity and a curveball. The fastball was straight and hittable.

Justin Schnieder was sitting 87-89 MPH with a decent 2 plane break curve (it breaks into lefties). The delivery seems pretty rough as he puts a lot of pressure on his arm. He can sink his fastball a little and throw it high, along with a slider that breaks down hard. He was somewhat wild. 

Daniel Tockhorn is a tall right-handed pitcher, but comes sidearm. This arm motion really kills everything as he throws just 85-86 MPH. It is not even the good sidearm that would give you platoon splits. He did show a sweeping breaking ball but didn't have much control over it.

Brandon Terry is a sidearm right-handed pitcher that was obviously not throwing hard, but did a good job keeping the ball low. He threw a lot of breaking balls with decent bite. He struggled with consistency and was wild in his 2nd inning of work.

Cade Andrus is a short RHP that was throwing just 87 MPH. He has arm side tail and nothing he throws is straight (I think I saw a curveball). He did an okay job of getting on top of the ball, but he just lacks the velocity.

Kyle Neeley is a short lefty with ugly looking over the top mechanics. He was inconsistent but showed a slow curve that goes glove side (2 plane break) and was best when it swept out of the zone. The fastball was poor and usually stays arm side but he will occasionally throw it high.

Cameron O'Brien is listed as a catcher, but doesn't look like one. He has a nice line drive stroke with some pop behind it. He has a solid arm behind the plate, but was not the best at blocking balls and had other general receiving problems. He has pretty good power and is probably about an average runner.

Matt Durst is also listed as a catcher and looks more like one than O'Brien (he is stocky as well). He has a pretty quick swing and tore into a breaking ball (but will whiff on them as well). He can't really run but has a good arm.

Austin White is not much of an athlete (though he can run little, he is tall and build like a corner outfielder) and was a poor defender at 3rd. At the plate, he was fooled on breaking pitches but produces strength with a non-violent swing. His mechanics aren't good as he has a hitch in it which makes it take longer for it to get started.

Julian Service packs a punch at the plate for his frame (he is not big) and is probably below average when it comes to speed. He doesn't have a great swing, but he is a patient/passive batter that is not going to chase. Defensively, he has a cannon in right-field.

Dalton Daniels runs well and makes up for his small size with bat speed. His arms don't really match his body, and that is a good thing. He played left-field and played it well and is a good runner.

Austin Lick swung through breaking balls badly. Jason Freeman is big without much speed, and seems to use both fields well with the bat. Wesley Hoover can run, especially for his short/stocky stature. He has nice range and plays what looks like a good centerfield. Patton Allen is pretty well built, but the bat is a little slow.

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