Sunday, September 23, 2012

North Central Texas College Scouting Report

I went to a tournament in Weatherford Texas that went from September 21st-23rd that featured several different junior college baseball teams. I wrote scouting reports on most of the teams that played, and most of the players on those teams. Here is the first team, North Central Texas College:

Garrett McMullen has a violent, but quick hack that lets him get on balls. He doesn't have great plate discipline, but makes contact and occasionally hard contact. There is some power there.

Bill Bay at first base has decent size but is a really awkward runner. He may have some power potential, but doesn't have the plate discipline to go along with it.

Greg Davis doesn't look like a 3rd baseman and didn't play it very well. He is really a 1st base/DH type player as he lacks the range and athleticism (although he has a serious arm, which maybe makes you speculate that you should try him at a corner outfield spot). He has some power at the plate.

Craig Ramsey (or whoever #36 was) was listed as a pitcher but I only saw him hit. He has slow bat speed and repeatedly swung over breaking balls. He hit a ball pretty well, but doesn't have a lot of foot speed. Michael Bosch is not a great runner but played a good centerfield. He drilled a ball on a line.

Charles Deckard has good blocking skills behind the plate, but the arm is mediocre as there is too much loft and he doesn't have accuracy. He also whiffed on a ball he should have caught on a stolen base attempt. His skills offensively and baserunning are marginal at best as he didn't look very good.

Jamie Ball is a good sized left-handed hitter (that was redshirted last year if I read the roster right). The Freshman outfielder looks athletic but lacks plate discipline and his bat is not really quick (he was pretty jammable). He put a real charge into a ball, but he wasn't as good of a runner as I thought he would be.

Matt Michalski is a right-handed pitcher with a decent looking high straight fastball. Righties really couldn't square it up and it gets on hitters quickly. He is tall (6-5!), but I wasn't a big fan of the delivery. He brings his arm pretty far back and really struggled with his release point. He also throws a change and a curve, and got nice break on a good pitch in the dirt. However, he doesn't have much feel for either pitch (he threw them a lot, especially the change).

Dean Fleitman is a deception based right-handed reliever with an okay looking fastball that he threw almost exclusively. I would like to see a better breaking ball as he threw what looked like a slow change that was both rare and pedestrian.

Brett Worthen is a really short (5-11,165) right-hander that throws surprisingly hard for his size. He has a quick delivery, but is pretty standard mechanically. His breaking pitches included a hard slider with late break and a change. The slider is the best pitch and he induced a whole lot of bad swings.

Ryan Scott is a 6-2 RHP (he looks shorter) with a fastball and a curve that he can put in the zone. It looks like he also was throwing a separate change as well.He was hit hard, especially with the fastball.

Tyler Straub was not listed on the roster (but according to one scout, this is who he happens to be) but pitched for North Central. Rosters sometimes provided a challenge, as some schools had either not updated them, or they had mistakes. Straub is a little short but has a good riding fastball that he would sometimes throw low (maybe even a sinker). This was less effective and he got hit when he did this. He threw a lot of curveballs that had inconsistent break. It had some impressive bite at times and one could certainly picture it as a good pitch with consistency. He also threw a couple of changeups.

Danny Fernandez is 6-3 but his arm slot is a little low. He misses armside with the fastball and it is almost never straight though it doesn't have impressive tail. He also brings out a change/splitter that he can only throw about 58 feet. He can't get it to the plate so he has to rely on a really mediocre fastball.

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