Thursday, September 27, 2012

Panola College Scouting Report

No reason for an introduction, here is the scouting report on Panola College's baseball team:

Darian James is somewhat small (he is listed at 6 feet tall), but he looks well built and can run. He showed some patience at the plate and hit a hard liner while playing centerfield on defense. 

Adam Atkins has a good arm behind the plate but struggled in the receiving department.

Aaron Pangilinan has good looking plate discipline to go along with some power. He looks like he just wants to spoil pitches that are thrown outside. The swing isn't the quickest path to the ball, but he has a good arm at 1st base.

Greg Martens is small and doesn't have great speed (or bat speed for that matter), but he hit the ball well, putting a charge into it on occasion. He plays corner outfield but made a nice play and has a plus arm.

Jacob Blissett is a catcher with slow bat speed but he has some pull power if you get the ball in or up. He isn't fast (as you would expect), but he isn't a baseclogger.

Matt Spriull clobbered the ball during the games despite not having great bat speed or patience. That combo leads me to believe he will strikeout a lot.

Trevin Sonnier has a compact swing that gives him some pull power despite not having a lot of size. At shortstop, he was less impressive, with not a lot of range and a weak arm.

Corey Mills is a big guy with big power to go along with it. Clint Cage got a brutal read in right-field and is not a good runner. His swing isn't desirable, but he does have strength. Taylor Hodges made a really good plate at 3rd base, but also made a really bad one. Hunter Hagler runs okay, but is not what you would call fast. 

Randy Ventura played right-field (he is also listed as a pitcher but didn't pitch in the tournament) and is reasonably quick on the bases. At the plate, he wants to hack and was in front of breaking pitches. When he gets a hold of one, he has legit pull power.

Maxwell Bubba is a short and small right-handed pitcher that does a decent job of extending his arm and body to get some fastball velocity. He doesn't have a quirky delivery, it is just a long stride. His fastball is really straight and looks hittable. He didn't show a breaking ball in his first inning, but it was effective when he did throw it.

Preston Guillory is a taller right-handed pitcher. He had good speed differential between his fastball and his breaking pitches, but the control of the secondary pitches wasn't there. This could be why he was mainly throwing the fastball (even though the command of that wasn't that good either). He threw one really nice looking change but the rest of them were really mediocre.

Hunter Palmer gets some tail away from right-handers (a couple of times he tailed into righties) on a unimpressve fastball. The hitters weren't very impressed with this either and hit it well.

Kolbe Schufft is a short right-hander with not very good velocity and a pretty straight fastball. He didn't go to the slider until he was already being rocked. He didn't have much control of it and had to go back to the fastball.

Robbie Petty has a jerky motion in his delivery before he throws the ball over the top. He has a pretty decent looking fastball along with a slider with slight horizontal break. He threw one really good one. His mechanics must make it hard for righties to see and hit. He has a changeup as well that he can throw for strikes.

Gavin Williamson is a little thin with some deception in a long delivery. He has some downward movement on a below average fastball (although it may be an average fastball for the tournament overall) as his delivery allows him to get on top of the ball. He can throw a curveball for strikes, but doesn't get it down as much as you would like. I think he also showed a change as well.

Bryan Landreneaux is another small right-hander who gave up an absurd amount of contact. The breaking ball breaks away from right-handers and he likes to throw the fastball both inside and outside. He also has a change that he can and will throw for strikes.

Tyler Stallings started by throwing a change, and when he threw his fastball, the right-hander was missing arm side. He likes to try to jam hitters on both sides of the plate with what looks like decent velo and maybe a little bit of cut.

Gavin Murrell has an over the top delivery with a curveball he can throw for strikes. He located the fastball low and got a lot of grounders. Jesse Hanson is a righty with a hip turn. He got some whiffs on his fastball and his off-speed looked like a solid change that darted low late.

Giles Virgin is a lefty that doesn't throw hard at all. He tries to sink it and throw breaking balls that wouldn't always make it to the plate.

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