Sunday, October 6, 2013

EDA Rhinos Pitcher Scouting Reports

Continuing the look at CPBL pitchers, this post has the rest of the pitchers on Juan Morillo's team, the EDA Rhinos. All velocities are converted to MPH.

Lin Chen-Hua
The RHP has a sidearm release point even though he is a starter. He has been a full time starter in the CPBL for two years now, and the 24 year old has been pretty successful from an ERA standpoint, even though he is a low strikeout pitcher that doesn't get many groundballs.

82-86, a little bit of glove side slide to break into lefties. Can also use it as a 2-seam type fastball, but it appeared that he wants to work inside regardless of platoon. Later in his outing, he started moving the ball away from hitters.

75-76 down to 74 breaking ball, appears to be a slider, didn't always have the great slide. It sometimes broke arm side like a change, and I think there are two different pitches based on platoon.

Tsai Ming-Jin
The 29 year old moved back to the bullpen after a failed attempt to move to the rotation in 2012. He has had high ERAs throughout his career, and he doesn't get a lot of strikeouts, though he does get some groundballs.
87-90 moves aggressively arm side, can get it down.
67-68 curve

Lin Chi-wei

76-78 slider
73-76 curve

Lin Ying-Jie

The 32 year old has seen his innings decrease over the past two seasons, but has remained effective. His groundball rate has decreased this year.
80-82 can get glove side movement
76-78 soft slider like movement
73-78 splitter/changeup, grip almost looked like a palm ball
68-69 2-plane break curve

Chen Huan-yang

The 27 year old has failed to really establish himself in the CPBL, but he has decent K/BB rates, and about a 1/1 GB/FB rate.

75-78 change breaks arm side.
74-79 slider does a good job of getting glove side and down

Nick Green

The 28 year old threw 38 innings in the CPBL, and didn't have a high strikeout rate, but only walked 7 and had a good groundball rate. Green pitched in the Angels and Brewers system before three years in the Atlantic League (independent ball). 

86-87 down to 84-85, up to 89-90 will use it high and it is hittable there, even at this level

71-73 curve very occasionally mix it in.

76-77 breaking ball that breaks straight down.

Lai Hong Cheng

The 25 year old LHP appears to have pitched both out of the bullpen and as a starter. He has developed into a good groundball pitcher, but his K/BB rate has been poor.

Shen Yu-Jie

The 32 year old veteran was once one of the best pitchers in the CPBL, but has struggled over the last three years. In his prime, he did everything you want to see a pitcher do, getting grounders, striking out hitters, and not walking many. 
70-76 sweepy breaking ball

Zhang Geng Hao

The RHP has moved to the bullpen full time now and has posted an ERA over 5 for the 2nd straight year.
69-70 curve

Matt Torra

A first round pick in 2005, Torra has never reached the Majors, but has 578.1 AAA innings, not walking hardly anyone, but struggling to miss bats. In 12 starts in the CPBL, he dominated, walking just 5 hitters in 78 innings, but still not striking many hitters out.

86-90, some 2-seam movement or sink.

79-80 changeup can throw it for a strike arm side, not a lot of real movement, just kind of softly drops.

84 slider, mostly a down pitch, doesn't really slide horizontal.

Lin Yen-Fang

 He is a bigger guy that most of the Rhinos.
84-87 with some vertical movement downward.
79-80 change with similar movement, just takes velocity up, sometimes keeps it up.
Seems to have a horizontal late breaking slider at 81-82

Yang Chien-fu

He is pretty small without any real room for projection.
86-90 can sink it
76-78 downward slider
67 curve

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