Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lamar University Cardinals Baseball Scouting Reports

I watched Lamar University play against (and beat) the University of Texas in a Fall game in Austin. Below are some notes on the players I saw, along with some GIFs from the videos I took.

Billy Love
The RHP appears to be filled out already, perhaps a little short. He tilts his leg way out with a short turn away from the hitter. He threw a 90 MPH fastball with arm side tail away from lefties along with a 80-82 MPH slider that he often tried to backdoor to lefties. He also throws some kind of changeup with good depth at 84 MPH. 

J.T. Autrey
The big right-handed pitcher has sort of a hesitation in his delivery when he gets set. He struggled significantly with command, but his fastball was 88-89 MPH, up to 92, with a 78-79 breaking ball, up to 81 MPH. The latter pitch has a little two way movement and he has a tendency to bounce it. 

Lance Warren
Short stocky left-handed pitcher was 82-84 MPH on his fastball with a 69 MPH curve. 

Hunter Perry
The righty lacks a little in size, but had three pitches, a 87 MPH fastball, 79-80 MPH slider, and a 73-75 MPH curveball.

David Carver
87-90 MPH on the fastball, with a breaking ball that varied in speeds, down to 73 MPH, and up to 80 MPH, mostly sitting in the 75-78 range.

Derek Wade
85 MPH fastball, 72 MPH breaking ball, gave up homers to two of the three batters he faced.

Matt Aikin
88-89 MPH fastball with pretty good movement, but no breaking pitches and no command. 

Danny Fernandez
87-90 MPH fastball, with 73 MPH breaking ball.

Jacoby Middleton, a centerfielder out of Odessa College, has good size with room to fill out. He was far and away the best looking prospect on Lamar in the initial eye test, with his positional value and his size. He also showed some raw pop when he got under the ball. However, he had an awful first at-bat, and proved to be a pretty easy out for the University of Texas pitchers. He was chasing just about everything, especially breaking balls out of the zone, and didn't appear to be recognizing pitches well.

Sam Bumpers played shortstop, and I thought he played the position pretty well. He showed very good range on one play, even though he isn't always smooth and natural with all his motions. He isn't very fast on the basepaths, but he hit two balls hard, one pulled, and one hit the other way.

Jude Vidrine showed a good eye at the plate and hung in there left on left very well out of the 3-hole. Kevin Santana is short and stout, and not much of a runner. He keeps his hands very low in his batting stance but showed some raw power. Jake Sutton made a poor play in left-field on a fly-ball, and doesn't have a smooth level swing, but he is an other way hitter that has good contact abilities and surprising strength. Brandon Provost doesn't look like a catcher, but runs like one, and made a good throw on a stolen base attempt. He also had a lot of rough balls in the dirt to block, so much so that it was hard to evaluate from my perspective in the stands. Mason Salazar is a speed slap hitting right-handed batting 2nd baseman that struggled defensively.

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  1. Middleton - First time on a big stage, nervous!...He will be better. Centerfielder looked good...very good.