Friday, October 18, 2013

2013 Japanese Minor League Hitting Statistics

In a previous post, I took a look at the Japanese Minor League (Ni-Gun) pitching statistics. In this one, I'll take a look at the hitters in the league.

When looking at Ni-Gun league averages, we remember that 23.3 % of plate appearances turn into a hit, 8.3 % of them turn into a walk (31.6% of them are walks or hits), 15.83 % strikeouts, 11.19 scored a run, and 1.58 % homers. By looking at the hitting statistics (which are provided below), we see that 3.68 % of plate appearances turn into doubles, .55 % of them triples, 1.94 % stolen bases, and 1.04 % of them caught stealings.

So below are all the hitters with plate appearances in the Ni-Gun in 2013, sorted by plate appearances. I changed the data I cared about into percentages, but kept the regular slash lines.

Out of hitters with at least 100 games, Shingo Ishikawa lead in hit percentage, a 20 year old Nippon Ham Fighter infielder. 32 year old Lions 1B/C Tatsuyuki Uemoto lead the league in hit percentage out of hitters with at least 100 plate appearances. Yasushi Iihara, a 30 year old Yakult Swallow infielder, had the highest batting average out of 100 plate appearance players, while former MLBer Vinny Rottino had the best batting average of hitters with at least 200 plate appearances.

24 year old Lions infielder (with no NPB experience) Noamichi Umeda lead the league in doubles (over 200 plate appearances), and Dragons outfielder (23 years old) Shingo Ito lead in triple percentage, with more triples than doubles. 26 year old Wataru Hiyane with the Swallows lead the league (over 100 plate appearances) in stolen base percentage, but also had much more caught stealings by percentage than league average. From best I can see, Softbank Hawks outfielder Shuhei Fukuda had the highest steal percentage with a lower than average caught stealing percentage (he wasn't caught at all in 9 steal attempts).

33 year old Naotaka Takehara Buffaloes outfielder lead the league in walks with at least 100 plate appearances, but Lions Daichi Mizuguchi seems to be the leader in walks out of guys with no Ichi-gun plate appearances with a young age (24 years old). 33 year old Swallows outfielder Yuichi Matsumoto had the lowest strikeout rate out of hitters with at least 100 plate appearances. Yasushi Lihara had the best OBP in the Ni-Gun, while Fukuda was 2nd best out of 100 plate appearances.

Kenichi Marumo of the Yomiuri Giants, 25 year old outfielder with no Ichi-Gun experience, lead the league in home run percentage. 24 year old infielder Issei Morita lead the league in total homers. 33 year old Baystars infielder Taketoshi Goto had the highest slugging percentage out of players with at least 100 plate appearances, while Shoitsu Omatsu, 31 year old Marines infielder, had the best slugging percentage out of hitters with at least 200 plate appearances.

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