Monday, October 7, 2013

Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions Pitcher Scouting Reports

Continuing the look at CPBL pitchers, the following is a look at the pitchers from the Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions. At 58-53, the Lions are the second best team in the league in 2013, boasting a league best ERA. All velocity numbers are converted from KM/H to MPH.

Lin Yueh-ping
The 31 year old has nearly 600 CPBL innings of experience, pitching mainly out of the bullpen. His 2013 was very good, with a 2.56 ERA, despite barely striking out more hitters than he walked. He is a pretty extreme groundball pitcher.
80-84 splitter

Kao Chien-san
Soon to turn 40, the reliever has shown no signs of slowing down, posting a 2.25 ERA for 2013 with a plus groundball rate. 
83-85 slider that looks like a cutter

Boof Bonser
Once rated the 29th best prospect in baseball, Bonser made 111 appearances in MLB games, but struggled throughout his career, pitching under replacement level, and not appearing in the Majors since 2010. He threw just 12.1 innings in the CPBL as a late season pickup. 
87-88 slider never seemed to be able to get it down
78 curve

Wang Ching-ming

Another pitcher with an ERA under 3, he can at least boast about having twice as many strikeouts as walks. He has pitched out of the bullpen and the rotation and is a flyball pitcher.
83-87, up to 87-89 occasionally is able to get on top of it despite his lack of height
80-82 change
78-82 slider/cutter
69-71 curve not high usage early but began using it more the second time through the order. The pitch has good depth, didn't hang it.

Fu Yu-kang

The 25 year old has emerged as one of the most dominant pitchers in the CPBL, with a 1.31 ERA in 130.1 innings over the last two seasons. He is an extreme flyball pitcher, but has one of the better strikeout rates in the CPBL, with a low walk rate to go with it. 
74-75 curve
80-81 slider

Lee Wei-hua
The 28 year old doesn't have a lot of CPBL experience, but is a flyball pitcher with about a 1:1 K/BB.
84 fastball
77-79 change
74 breaking ball

Luis Vizcaino

The 39 year old pitched in 543 games in the Majors from 1999-2009, but had spent most of the time since then out of baseball. After a stint in the Mexican League, Vizcaino appeared in 11 games for the Lions.
82-84 slider with good depth

Nelson Figueroa
With almost 500 MLB innings under his belt, and a stint in Taiwan in 2007, Figueroa came back to the Lions and posted an ERA under three in 95.1 innings.
78-81 slider
74-75 curve, just a little slower and a little less sharp than the slider. Doesn't use it as much but it seems that he uses it similarly. Sometimes he is around 76-77 and you can't tell what pitch it is.

Tsai Wan-lin

The 26 year old struggled in a small sample size this year, but has shown the ability to get strikeouts with about an even groundball rate in the past.
88-92 armside and downward movement created by his arm action
82-83 slider

Liao Wen-yang

81-87 sinker, got up to 87-91 on a more straight fastball, but it is rare. The sinker is his feature pitch.
68 curve

Lo Ching-lung

75-80 curve/slider, two different pitches but it was difficult to tell at times which was which, especially by velocity.

Chiu Tsu-kai

84-87 up to 89
76-77 heavy sweep slider down to 72-73

Pan Wei-lun

84-90 some 2-seam or sink
76-79 change
79-82 breaking ball

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