Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lamigo Monkey's Pitcher Deliveries

The Lamigo Monkeys had the worst ERA in the CPBL in 2013, so perhaps fittingly, they are the final team in my look at CPBL pitchers.

#72 Mike Loree

50th round pick by the Giants out of Villanova made it to A-ball. After struggling in independent ball in 2010, he was great in 2011, earning four outings with the Pirates AA affiliate. He returned to independent ball in 2012 and didn't have a great year. He threw over 200 innings with the Monkeys, and was effective, with a 3.6 ERA. At 6'6", he gets very good extension, takes advantage of it in a pretty simple delivery without many moving parts.

86-89, gets down to 84, gets on top of ball well, doesn't seem to be a sinker most of the time, but keeps it low.

71-74 down to 69 curve with pretty impressive depth, but the movement is pretty slow, so I wonder if some of that is mitigated.

81-82 down to 79-80 impressive downward tilt, good pitch to lefties.  Seems to be a forkball to me.

79 change, not a lot of movement, not near as good as the forkball.

#73 Rommie Lewis LHP

In the CPBL he pitched 18.1 innings without an earned run, but threw 23.2 innings with the Toronto Blue Jays in his Major League career with an ERA over 7. He really slings the ball back, which gives him pretty good movement glove side with the fastball. The deception and size has to be tough on lefties, not as tough on righties.
89-92 sometimes had command issues arm side.
76-79 left pitch up, not a lot of movement.

#32 Wang Yi LHP

He has a pretty normal delivery, sort of lanky with some arms and legs going forward.
86-89 can get it glove side, would say he has good horizontal movement
78-80 change arm side gets more of a glove side pitch that looks like a slider occasionally at 79-81.

Kuo Wen-Kai RHP

The 25 year old comes with a bit of a high sidearm motion, but really struggled in a short 2013 stint.
85-86 with 2 seam movement
68-71, down to 66 curve that looks sort of like a knucklecurve
70-74 change? Will throw it with platoon advantage
76-78 slider

Huang Chong-Chen

The 26 year old misses almost no bats, but is a good groundball pitcher.
81-83 up to 85, can sink it
78-79 some sort of splitter or slider

Hsieh Chang-Rong

The 26 year old rookie posted just over 40 innings in 50 appearances, and had as many strikeouts as walks.
77 change
72 slider

Chen Cheng-Da

The submariner has a 71-73 MPH fastball and 67 change

Cheng Cheng-Hao

The 26 year old had a rough season, and like a lot of pitchers on the team, he is more of a groundball pitcher than a strikeout pitcher.

80-81 glove side
74-76 slider

Treng Chou-Hau

The 32 year old will soon turn 33, and had a nice season, soaking up over 130 innings despite not a lot of strikeouts, relying mainly on grounders.

84-87 can sink it
78-82 split throws to both lefties and righties. High usage
82-83 slider
71-73 curve

#81 Wu Pei-Hui

The 27 year old rookie threw 37 okay innings, with decent strikeout and walk rates.

86-88 down to 84-85
78-82 slider
74-75 change
69-71 curve

Huang Chin-Chih

Pitching in the CPBL since 2003, the 35 year old has never eclipsed 100 innings, but has always been pretty solid. 2013 was no different, with an ERA under 4 despite rarely striking out anyone.

76-81 some kind of slider
77 some kind of split

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