Sunday, June 9, 2013

Vanderbilt and Louisville Drafted Players Scouting Reports

Here are some notes on some of the drafted players from the Louisville and Vanderbilt Super Regional.

Spencer Navin (334th overall, Dodgers) is Vanderbilt's junior catcher. The arm looks good, but the blocking fundamentals weren't solid as he tried to just glove the ball. Good body, pop times of 2 flat,1.91, 1.93, good times. At the plate, he seemed to struggle with good fastballs, especially up high. Wasn't really impressed with anything he brought to the plate offensively, which I guess isn't surprising since he batted 8th.

Chad Green Louisville RHP (336th overall, Tigers). Lanky, could add some weight, but already has good velocity. He showed a 92-94 MPH fastball, with some downward plane and movement. He could really tie up right-handed hitters with it. His main breaking pitch was a 79-81 MPH Curve that he liked but couldn't really get down. He had really poor command of pitch. Green also tended to fall off the mound, which would pull the ball way off the plate glove side. His least frequent used pitch was a 83 MPH change moves arm side. It is a good pitch if he can command it.

Adam Engel CF (573 White Sox). He does not have a great swing plane or swing start, but the bat seems to be pretty quick, can hit the ball up the middle with authority. Does have good plate coverage, but is a little too agressive, doesn't have much power. He does have plus speed, should stick in center.

Jeffery (Jeff) Thompson RHP (94th overall, Tigers)
A really big guy at 6-7, he offers no projection but has really good size. His delivery is a really easy motion. He was down to 89-91 MPH as game went along but started at  92-94 touching 95 MPH with a little armside or downward movement. The fastball was not straight. The first breaking pitch was 83-84 MPH soft moving slider. He throws it glove side, and without the platoon advantage, and it also needs to be tighter and preferably harder. He did show a couple of ones with good vertical depth. He also got down to 80 MPH on what looked like a separte curve. It predictably has better vertical depth.

Ty Young 3rd base (218th overall, Rays). A really good looking defender. The range is clearly there and above average. Made some plays that many MLB 3rd baseman wouldn't make. I am not totally sure on the arm though. A lefty hitter, he comes out of the box a little bit but gets the bat through the zone very quick and can go up the middle.

Coco Johnson OF (332nd overall, Marlins). He looks athletic but does not really plus speed. Good size (finished growing out probably) but a little awkward in the field, not a plus fielder and stuck in a corner, though apparently has an arm (didn't see it, just heard about it). The swing isn't real powerful, but he can pull the ball, flat swing.

Cody Ege LHP (460th overall, Rangers). A reliever with really good numbers.
Has an out release point, somewhat sidearm. 88-89 MPH sweeps arm side.
74-77 MPH soft slider looking pitch. Lefty specialist

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