Friday, June 14, 2013

A Look at Reds, Mets, and Giants Draft Picks

In this post, I look at three MLB draft picks using videos available on YouTube. The videos I used to get a look at the specific players are linked under their name, with the name of the user that uploaded the video. Obviously, these are just my observations.

Zach Mathieu 1B: 16th round pick by the Mets

Video Two
Video Three

A really big guy, Mathieu has a good flat swing. He gets his body in good position when he makes contact, using his size well. Really text book mechanically with body strength to back it up. The swing isn't fast, but smooth.
He's a bat only guy from a place where we can't judge him statistically, but it looks like he has a good contact tool with good bat control. Is the bat speed good enough to take advantage of his strength?

Conner Simonetti LF: 35th round pick by the Reds


Definitely doesn't look like a traditional corner outfielder as he isn't very tall, more of the small left-fielder type. He may grow out a little more though as he seems to have pretty broad shoulders.

I am not a big fan of his swing at all. It doesn't appear to be much speed, and he runs out of the box a little bit. So probably not a power guy. Does a lot of rocking and moving in his swing.

Ryder Jones 3B: 2nd round pick by the Giants

Video 2

A pretty large left-handed hitter, Jones can probably can actually add weight. He takes a really big swing. It's ugly, and I don't know that it is fast, but it has good plate coverage. Really ugly hitch to begin the swing that comes with a heavy load, which caused him to overcommitt to early in the videos. Most of the video is from a year ago, but he was really raw. I can't imagine that most of it is fixed, and I have to imagine that it is going to take a lot of work in the Giants system to get him straightened out at the plate.

He looked like a pretty awkward runner as well, and I got him at about a 4.4 to first. So speed isn't one of his tools.

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