Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tool WAA and the 2013 Draft

On another site that I contribute to, I introduced the idea of Tool WAA to measure players statistically in college, and then later ranked draft eligible college players by the measure. Now that the draft is over, I thought it would be interesting to go back and check on which players were drafted, which weren't, and how teams did by Tool WAA. So below is the list of players from the pre-draft list, with their Tool WAAs, along with their (for the ones that were drafted) draft positions and teams they were drafted by:

So 84 eligible players were drafted, just 2 of them in the first round. The average of the ones drafted was -1.64, while the average of the ones not drafted was -3.11. The highest one not to be drafted was Aaron Cornell of Oklahoma State, whose numbers were boosted because his numbers from Eastern Oklahoma were included. He really hasn't been excellent or anything at Oklahoma State. Daniel Palka, the Tool WAA leader, was drafted in the 3rd round by the Diamondbacks. Here is how the average Tool WAAs broke down by round:

Rounds 1-5: -.22
6-10: -1.12
11-20: -2.47
21-30: -1.96
30-40: -4.08

Not surprisingly, it broke down about how you would expect, other than the 30 round plus guys were actually worse (there were only 5 of them) than the non-drafted players.

Here is how it broke down by team, with the vertical side being the actual Tool WAA and the horizontal side being how many players taken:

No surprise that the Padres were the top team. It should be noted that all 3 of the Mets' relevant picks were positive Tool WAA players.  The Astros took 7 players that were eligible, while no one else took 5. Obviously we will have to see how the players turn out and which teams picked the right players to really know, but I really like how the Padres draft on a whole.

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