Friday, October 7, 2011

How much pitches per plate appearance matters

NL OBP leaders
1. Joey Votto 4.01
2. Prince Fielder 3.79
3. Lance Berkman 3.78
4. Matt Kemp 3.91
5. Ryan Braun 3.93

AL OBP Leaders
1.Miguel Cabrera 3.71
2. Jose Bautista 4.28
3. Adrian Gonzalez 3.83
4. David Ortiz 4.03
5. Alex Avila 4.03

Small sample, and it doesn't seem to be a necessity, but there is a correlation. The players that take more pitches, usually get on base more. Miguel Cabrera seems to be an aberration by being below the league average. Certainly no one is very far below the average however, and several are very far above average.

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