Friday, November 8, 2013

2013 MLB Release Point Leaderboards

Before the 2013 season, I created release point leaderboards using Pitch F/X data, something that is not really out there anywhere else. A search suggests that this blog is still the only one that has them. In this post, I am updating and revamping the leaderboards. In the old post, I used Brooks Baseball's data, which is done using a 55 feet release point instead of the Pitch F/X standard of 50. This means that you have to use Brooks' data to compare release points of new pitchers to old pitchers. For this post, I am using the traditional 50 feet release point, just for easier comparisons. Also, in the older post, I only looked at fastballs. While I don't think it will change a lot (most pitchers have fairly uniform release points for all their pitches), this leaderboard will be all pitches thrown. Also, this leaderboard will only look at the 2013 season and won't differentiate between starters and relievers.

So below should be the average release points for every pitcher that pitched in 2013. First there are a few things that should be pointed out. I tried to take all position players out, so it should be all regular pitchers. However, because I did it by team using Baseball Savant, if a pitcher pitched for multiple teams in 2013, their name will appear multiple times. I also included a sheet of each team's average vertical release point as a whole, just because I found it interesting. The overall graph is going to be messy (and may not load easily, for me, it works a lot better in the Google Chrome family of browsers than Firefox) just because of all the names. I suggest following the link to get a better (and more interactive) look at the graph, but the main point is not the graph, which is just a visual aid, but instead the first sheet, the one with the list of names.

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