Saturday, October 1, 2011

Free agent watch: Matt Palmer

As MLB Trade Rumors reports, 22 AAA players (21 one of them played some in the Majors this year) opted for release today. One of those was Matt Palmer of the LA Angels. In his major league career, he has an okay 2.26 PE as a reliever and a pretty poor 5.038 PE as a starter. Weirdly, the strikeout ratio is the same as both a reliever and starter (4.7 per 9). He has a decent groundball to flyball ratio at 3:2. He is not arbitration eligible, even though he is 32. This means that he will cost nothing. He can't be a long term solution in the bullpen, and shouldn't be used as a starter (unless its just an emergency) but he could be a long reliever for some team, and that can be valuable. Expect someone to pick this guy up and I expect him to be pretty successful if kept in the bullpen.

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