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Summer Koshien Round Two Pitcher Scouting Reports

In the previous Koshien article, I forgot to thank @the_hereford for his help in figuring out who was who. Same setup as last time, school name in italics, pitcher's name is in bold, velocities are in MPH.

Nobeoka Miyazaki
Nasu Ryouto
RHP that brings his glove down to his waist in the middle of his delivery.
81-84 fastball, can cut it.
70-71 slider that moves somewhat like a curve
64-65 curve

Jiyuugoaka Fukuoka
Kubo Takuma
LHP with an easy delivery, a release point that is pretty far out. 
77-79 fastball down to 76
64 pitch that I think was a changeup
63-64 curve with quite a bit of loop

Marugame Kagawa
Miyazaki Kouta
LHP with a relatively low release point, almost sidearm.
78-79 can sink it and locate it low, gets down to 76
breaking pitch 67-69, up to 73
60-64 curve

Yokohama Kanagawa
Itou Shouji
LHP with a traditional leg kick and pause, though he brings his arm back more and tilts backwards a little bit. He had a problem with flying open, causing a lot of fastballs (80-84) to not even get close to the plate, staying high and arm side.
71-74 breaking ball sweeps well and gets down, but is not sharp, gets in on righties.
74-76 change with good downward movement.
60-62 curve

Nihon Yamagata
Shouji Yutaka
RHP a high leg kick and spin in his delivery. A lot of moving parts, and they move quickly. Arm seems to move quickly as well.
86-89 fastball
76-78 downward breaking pitch, probably a slider. Pretty heavy usage.
68 curve stays arm side, good downward break.

Nihon Tokyo
Ooba Ryoutarou
RHP delivery is a bit odd, turns most of his body from the plate, giving him deception. Leg kick comes back, really breaking up any fluidity he had in his delivery
87-88 fastball with some movement. Could get it down to 86 and use it as a sinker. He could get it glove side to righties. Down to 84-86 at more of a two seam
80-81 good downward and glove side movement, down to 78-79

Ogino Yuuma
82-83 fastball
69 breaking ball with two way break

Kugimiya Kouki
RHP gets down in his delivery and then brings his arm up. It creates a lot of funky movement on his pitches along with a lot of deception and distraction.
85-86 fastball
73-74 breaking ball with a little horizontal movement but a lot of vertical drop

Miwa Kouhei
RHP brings his leg almost straight out while in mid-air. Pretty violent delivery, head was all over the place.
91-92 hardest fastball I've seen in the Koshien so far other than Anraku. It came with very little command. Down to 89-90, commanded it better then.
Only saw one breaking ball 79

Hikone Higashi
Hirao Takuya

Hanamaki Higashi
Nakazato Yuusuke
LHP a little bit of a hip turn away from the plate
79-85 with glove side movement.
58 slow curve, 70-72 harder curve

Toyama Daiichi 
Miyamoto Kouji
RHP traditional glove over the head delivery.
86-89 down to 82-84, has some tail like a 2-seamer, a lot of spin on the ball
76-79 slider up to 81 on what looked almost like a forkball
72-78 change with very good depth at the end
65-68 curve

Akita Shogyo
Sasaki Yasuhiro 
RHP low sidearm, probably could be considered submarine
59-66, up to 70-74, worked high in the zone. Those are probably two different pitches but I couldn't tell a difference in movement.

Narita Shou
LHP, release point comes more out than average. He jerks the ball forward.
78-82 can move into righties.
63 curve, slowed his arm and delivery down. up to 69 on breaking ball

Wakabayashi Hiroto
LHP release point is a little bit out and low. Hides ball by bringing his leg up in front of his glove
79-82 got up to 84 with some sink. Seemed to be a heavy glove side pitcher.
70-76 strange slider movement, seems to move glove side, and then drop.
74-75 changeup he broke out in the third inning.
66-67 similar movement, but clearly a drop in velocity.

Masaki Takuma
RHP pretty standard delivery other than a slightly longer than average pause and a slight tilt towards the third base side
86-87 up to 88-90, down to 85 used it both high and low
81-83 slider he didn't command
76 changeup with okay movement
62-66 curve

Imai Jyuutarou
79-80, down to 76-77
68-69 slider up to 71
60 and 63 horizontal curve

Seiko Gakuin
Ishii Naru
75-79 up to 80-81 could sink it.
68- 69 softly flutters glove side
 60-64 curve

Fukui Shogyo
Hasegawa Ryouta
RHP seemed to be one of the taller pitchers
68-73 baby slider, will use it against both lefties and righties. Versitile pitch he would throw for strikes or bury, throwing it glove side and arm side.
63 curve

Kumamoto Kougyo
Yamashita Kouta 
2nd time seeing this lefty. Brought his extremely easy delivery with him again.
79-81 down to 78, up to 83
74-75 slider down to 70

He was hit hard early, lefties were able to take him the other way with ease. He was also missing a lot arm side. Perhaps not finishing his delivery.

Sakushin Gakuin
Watanabe Yuuma
2nd time seeing him as well. Delivery is a lot slower than I gave it credit for in last time's notes
77-79 worked high in the zone early
68-69 up to 71. Located some really well, low and away, and others stayed up. Such inconsistency obviously isn't unusual.

Joso Gakuin
Lida Harumi
RHP with a delivery that is a little more exaggerated than what is normal, slowing and pausing and throwing his leg out forward.
72-73 breaking ball
74-76 split with good drop
76 changeup? Probably same pitch just with inconsistent movement
64 curve

Sendai Ikuei
Suzuki Takato
RHP Stays back in delivery
84-86 down to 82-84
79-80 with very good downward and glove side fade 
70-73 breaking ball

Hirosaki Aomari 
Ono Norio
RHP drops his arm angle side arm
79-86 fastball
72-73 slider sweeps because of his arm angle
64 curve

Okinawa Shogaku
Higa Kenichirou
LHP gets low body wise in his delivery by crouching as he goes forward.Arm comes quite a bit away from his body, though it is a pretty traditional 3/4ths
78-79 down to 125
69-72, doesn't really sweep

Nishiwaki Kogyo
Oota Katsuki 
RHP with funky stop and go mechanics. He brings his leg up high to his glove, then stops and seems to pump with his glove, and tap before coming all the way forward.
84-87 fastball
74 slider
77 change

Kisarazu Sogo
Chiba Takao
RHP very slow delivery that never quickens
Really slow curve, clocked at 57-58, up to 62, started the game by throwing it over and over again. Then was immediately taken out after walking a batter.

Oikawa Shouta 
LHP with a pretty standard delivery
80-81 with some tail and sink
71-72 slider, down to 70, up to 73. He used it a lot.

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