Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer Koshien Round Three Pitcher Scouting Reports

Here are my notes on some of the pitchers in the third round of the Summer Koshien. Here are my notes on the first round and the second round.

Saibi Ehime
Tomohiro Anraku
I wrote about Anraku's first start, but this time, I charted his outing, labelling by opposing batter, my pitch classifications, the velocity by kilometers, the approximate translated miles per an hour, along with the result and pitch result. I also broke down the average velocity and usage percentage on the right. I didn't include the intentional walk, and I know I missed at least 5 pitches (I have 174 pitches, the official number was 183). A few pitches' velocities weren't picked up by the broadcast, but I listed the rest of the results.

Hanamaki Higashi
Kawano Masa
76-78 up to 79
68-69 changeup he could throw for strikes
71-72 sweeping breaking ball with good drop
slow curve as well that he didn't control

Nakazato Yuusuke
79-83 gloveside fastball that got up to 85-86
73-74 changeup
69 sweeping breaking ball with a lot of break

Hosakawa Toshiki
78-80 up to 81
67-69 down to 63-66, moves more like a change than a curve

Kishisato Ryousuke
RHP with a pretty simple delivery.
87-88, down to 85-86
71-73 offspeed pitch (acted like a splitter), down to 70

Osaka Toin
Kuzukawa Tomoya
RHP Low sidearm
84-85 with 2-seam like movement, up to 87-88

Meitoku Gijuku
Kishi Jyunichirou
85-86, down to 83-84, up to 87 good movement either glove side or arm side
78-79 change
72-74 breaking ball, sort of a baby slider, could bury it at times, got up to76

Joso Gakuin
Lida Harumi
RHP that tucks leg back in when he brings it up. He really delays his motion and holds his body back
81-82, down to 79-81, up to 82 seems to be heavily arm side on average.
H got down to 78 on what seems like a two seamer, different than his 4-seam fastball. Command of this seemed to be very poor.
72-73 slider, pretty good drop
63-65 curve, would get up to 67-68 so much that the slowest curve was more of an aberration. He had a tendency to hang it.
75-76 changeup, up to 78, some pretty good movement. Didn't throw it hardly at all early, but went to it against lefties later in the game. Command is lacking, but he moves the ball around well. He also had a traditional pitch selection when it came to hitter platoon and the slider and changeup. That's an advanced approach.

Fukui Shogyo
Hasegawa Ryouta
RHP tilts head in a way that seems to work against his body at time of release point. Body and frame gives him some room to fill out.
81-84, very frequently 84 and up to 85 and found 86 in the 6th inning. He can sink it and throw it arm side, getting it in on right-handers fists. When left up, it acted like a bad two seamer. He got down to 79.
69-70 arm side tail but would use it to righties as well as lefties. The grip screamed slider, the movement did not. 
72-74 more downward movement, occasionally very good movement. Was mostly a glove side pitch, though he didn't shy away from throwing it against lefties, and it was sometimes effective.. Sometimes it just got slurvy and wasn't as effective.

Nakamichi Shunpie
RHP uses a slight rocking motion, gets on top of ball well.
83-84, down to 79-81, up to 86, sinking motion, both downward and arm side.
71 breaking ball he threw occasionally.
74-76 good drop, no real command
63 curve, buried it

Hirosaki Gakuin
Ichinoche Shou
LHP, listed as a first baseman, already filled out like one. Relatively standard mechanics.
81-82 up to 84, down to 81
69-75 downward slider
63-66 curve

Ono Norio
RHP lazy Sidearm, doesn't really get his body down, though the arm angle is sidearm.
79-80 up to 82
74-75 breaking ball
65 curve

Nobeoka Gakuen
Nasu Ryouto
81-84 up to 86, a lot of glove side movement
69-72 good downward movement
61-66 on curve

Ide Ichirou
RHP, has a hit turn followed by a sidearm motion.
71-73 change he would throw to righties, good deception, a little bit of soft downward movement. He threw this more than his fastball.

Yokohawa Kanagawa
Itou Shouji
79-82, up to 83-84
71-73 slider
65-68 two plane curve
74 change he threw maybe twice

Maebashi Ikuei
Takashi Mitsunari
82-84, up to 86-87
61 slow curve

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