Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Manhattan College Scouting Report

Manhattan College's baseball team made the college regionals in the past summer, and here is my scouting report on some of the players on the team. They had no one drafted, so I am obviously didn't include any seniors.

Sophomore, so will be a junior, RHP Scott Mcclennan was the starter I saw. He has a 3/4ths delivery and it looks really awkward as his arm is not going with his body. He has a mid 80s fastball that for the most part isn't straight, and it seems to have some sink. His change has some arm-side tail and is anywhere between 76 MPH-82 MPH. He was really changeup heavy, relying on the pitch the most.
Curveball is a little different, some two plane break, pretty slow at 69-71 MPH. He seemed to use it heavily the second time through the order. Since it isn't real swing and miss stuff, Mcclennan was obviously pitching to contact. Coming off the mound, he was not a great athlete and has sort of a large build.

Anthony Vega, the centerfielder is a track star at the school, but I never really got to see him display his speed. The junior didn't get drafted, so he will be a senior for 2013. He is a left-handed hitter that doesn't seem to have the quickest bat or a swing that generates a lot of power, as he seems to want to go the other way. Despite the good build, there may just be too much swing and miss in his bat, especially with the lack of apparent power. The arm is not great out in the field.

Kyle Murphy played 1st base and will be a senior for the 2013 season. He is a right-handed hitter with corner outfielder build, but I got him at 4.41 to first (2 stolen bases all year). He has a good baseball body, but evidently not a ton of athleticism. He seemed to be a solid defender though. His swing is smooth and fluid, working well with his body, but it isn't very quick and the path isn't great (which could be why his statistics were pretty bad in 2013).

Ramon Ortega is also going to be a senior and is a catcher that is a large individual. He may not stick behind the plate and be confined to a 1st/DH role. I don't like his swing, but his frame alone will give him the ability to hit for some power (but it comes with swing and miss). The arm behind the plate doesn't look great.

Joe Mcclennan has a good glove and reaction times at 3rd base. He seems to have arm strength, but he wasn't always accurate. A big looking player, he would take a walk, but doesn't take advantage of the high pitch like you would want him to (his numbers bear that out as well, with a decent K/BB and OBP but not much power). He also seems like he is not much of a runner.

Yoandry Golan has no power, but the 2013 junior has a really good glove at shortstop. Statistically, he got better as a sophomore, especially his peripherals. He doesn't seem to have great athleticism or quickness, but just has great range and anticipation. His arm isn't great, and he really has to be great with on defense to stand any kind of chance professionally.

Jacob Marchus will be a Junior and is the team's closer. He has some fantastic ERAs, but not because of his K/BB but because he hasn't given up a homer yet. This certainly seems like an impressive feat, even with more repressed offense in the college game. While college stats in general aren't predictive, I would bet K/BB is more predictive than HR rates. Marchus has a very underwhelming right-handed fastball that seemed to sit at 86-87 MPH. He did have good changeup movement at about 83 MPH and also has a slow curve. He has a weird delivery that you actually see a lot in minor league and college lefties, with a high leg kick but no real stride or any kind of fluid motion. That just isn't big league or prospect stuff, and he doesn't even seem to have great pitchability or control.


  1. Scott Mcclennan is a hard nosed competitor ,Anthony Vega was drafted 30th rd to the Orioles, Kyle Murphy is the most athletic kid on the team, Ray Ortega has one of the best arms around, Joe Mcclennan does have power, Galan has the best range, Marchus is the best closer around..Get your facts straight

    1. you missed Chris Kalousdian perhaps the best all around baseball p;ayer in the maac