Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Coastal Carolina Scouting Report

Just like for my post on Manhattan college, I watched Coastal Carolina play in the college regionals for 2012 and wrote scouting reports on some of the players. Obviously I didn't include Seniors that were not drafted and I wrote about catcher Tucker Frawley, drafted by the Blue Jays, here.

Tyler Herb, who will be a Junior in 2013, was up to 92 MPH-93 MPH on the fastball. He sat a lot at 90 MPH with some arm-side tail or fade. Early on in the outing I watched, he was missing a lot arm side. Perhaps it is cliche, but his fastball has quite a bit of life, as it doesn't ever seem to be straight. He seems to have a separate 2-seamer that is in the mid to low 80s. Herb looks like a good athlete and his delivery looks pretty clean, though he brings his hands and leg up high, but it seems repeatable and fluid. However, his command was not really sharp at all. He threw a 81-84 MPH change rather frequently that may be some kind of splitter. He also went a lot later in his outing to a 71-76 MPH soft slider.

I really like the stuff, but the command has to improve. He did a good job of keeping the ball low and really taking advantage of impatient hitters, and if his fastball command improves, he could be a nice pitcher. Whether or not he shows real consistency in 2013 with velocity and command will dictate where he is drafted (he is definitely draft-able in my opinion). He relies a lot on the slider, which is somewhat concerning, not only for the arm health, but because it isn't a very traditional slider and I don't know how it will play in the upper minors.

Shortstop Brian Pruett has a really strong arm, though I didn't get a great read on him defensively. He was 3.67 to first on a bunt from the right side, which is pretty quick. He has really good speed, but his bat hasn't played well at Coastal and he doesn't seem to be a patient hitter with a swing that has ground-ball tendencies.

Jacob May was probably the best position player prospect on the team, as he played centerfield and made good jumps and reads. He clearly has some athleticism and good looking run. A switch hitter, May will be a junior in 2013. He is actually listed as a shortstop by some and was drafted as such in the 39th round in 2010 by the Reds. He didn't have great numbers, and didn't hit for much power, and I don't think he really will with his frame and swing.

Ted Blackmon played left-field, but is not really build like a corner outfielder. He was the leadoff hitter and has a swing like a leadoff man, as it isn't going to produce much power. He will uppercut his swing and chase, but he seems to have a good contact tool.

Tripp Martin made had some bad reaction times and athleticism at 3rd base. He will be a junior, and has good size, so he is probably a corner outfielder ideally defensively (his arm accuracy was spotty, but it seemed strong). Speed wise, he was about 4.31 to first. At the plate, he has a pretty wild swing that gets him out totally out of his body. His shoulder motion is not fluid, but at least he does generate some bat speed. His plate discipline looks pretty poor as well, perhaps because of all the things that go into his swing. He will take advantage of mistakes up high.

Justin Creel is a 2nd baseman that will be a senior in 2013. He has a somewhat of a closed stance and does not have a great swing, especially on balls up and in. It is basically a uppercut swing that isn't especially quick.

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